Gina Haspel – CIA black site chief, same date as Theresa May



Gina Haspel is to be nominated as the first female director of the CIA though there are question marks over whether she’ll get through the Senate hearings. She joined the CIA in 1985, was a foreign chief of station at CIA outposts, spent much of her career undercover and once ran a secret prison in Thailand which used harsh interrogation methods including waterboarding. Video tapes of the interrogations were destroyed in 2005 under an order with her name on it which led to a long investigation by the US Justice Department which ended with no charges being brought.

Born 1 October 1956 (blissfully the same day as Theresa May, UK PM). She’s a Sun Libra sextile Uranus; with Venus Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio; and Mars in Pisces opposition Jupiter. Cool, detached, strong opinions, obsessively conscientious and incredibly stubborn; and has the can-be-opportunistic Mars Jupiter hard aspect.

Not looking too good ahead with tr Saturn square her Sun now as well as tr Neptune conjunct her Mars; with a catastrophic tr Pluto conjunct her Mars/Saturn from later this month, on and off till late 2019. Plus an enthusiasm and confidence-denting tr Neptune square her Mars/Jupiter in April.

6 thoughts on “Gina Haspel – CIA black site chief, same date as Theresa May

  1. If Republicans want to see extremists who are ememies of the US, they should look in a mirror.

    You will be able to count on one hand the number of Congressional Republicans who will object to this appointment.

  2. How do the Republicans know if individuals are extremists and enemies of the US at all?

    And is torture ever justified?

    And what a sham, especially when we are all aware, or should be, of US involvement in the Middle East. ”Involvement”, along with the UK, that has actually exacerbated the creation of many Muslim extremists. And now we’re faced with the fact that the most powerful person on the planet is an ignorant, unstable narcissist. One that millions of people in the US actually voted for! God help us all.

  3. I have a feeling a women who oversaw actual torture is something most Republicans will not stomach, even if she is one of them, so she might be out before she is really even in. And, it will fall on Trump. A horrible, truly horrible choice, and it tells Trump’s choices are very limited.

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