Thomas Gibson – unexpected exit from Criminal Minds



Thomas Gibson, lead actor in the TV series Criminal Minds since 2005 (previously Chicago Hope, Dharma and Greg) has had his contract summarily terminated because of scuffle with one of the show’s producers last month. According to Variety this is a third strike offence and he’s out, leaving the show writers with a headache.

Born on the same day as Tom Cruise, 3 July 1962 he’s a Sun Cancer in a confident, lucky trine to Jupiter in Pisces and trine Neptune in Scorpio, formed from that Water Grand Trine into a Kite with Jupiter opposition Pluto – creative, overly confident, at times a touch pushy with Jupiter Pluto, thinking rules don’t apply to him. His Mars in determined Taurus is in a volatile square top Uranus Venus in Leo – so he will have a short trigger and not always be sensitive, with Venus and Mars in hard aspect, to other’s needs. His Sun sits exactly conjunct his Mars/Uranus midpoint as well as being semi-square Mars and his Pluto is square his Mercury/Mars midpoint – so again a short fuse.

He’s had tr Pluto opposition his Solar Arc Mars and his Mars/Pluto midpoint this year, continuing into next, both of which produce major frustrations. But he’ll get an uplift from tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter from March 2017 onwards for two years, so it won’t be complete devastation.


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