Laura Marling – double dose of the triple conjunction in Capricorn



Folk singer-songwriter Laura Marling is back on tour in even better form than before after what she describes as a nervous breakdown, or a long gap year in the wilds of California, dipping into tantra, mysticism and spirituality.

Born 1 Feb 1990 into a musical family with four sisters, she says she was always aloof, never being able to reach out to others and was a solitary, driven figure who launched her career at 16 with spectacular success with three Mercury prize nominations and a 2011 Brit award for best British female. Yet she never felt happy within herself.

Her chart has an astonishing six planets spread out through in Capricorn – Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn and Venus. Her Mars Uranus oppose Jupiter in Cancer; and her Aquarius Sun squares Pluto in Scorpio. Her Moon is Aries probably square Saturn Venus. She’s certainly got initiative and restlessness from all these Cardinal planets, chaotic and practical at the same time with such a mix in Capricorn; and overly controlled from Sun Pluto.

Tr Pluto in Capricorn was conjunct her Mars Uranus opposing her Jupiter through her early success. But the cumulative effect of unrelenting pressure finally got to her when tr Pluto was conjunct her Neptune with tr Uranus tugging from across the way.

The Capricorn triple conjunction generation can be highly talented, in a rather quirky way, but they are also highly strung and inclined to go off track, especially through these tr Pluto and tr Uranus years. She’s not clear yet with tr Pluto conjunct her Saturn in 2017/18 and her Solar Arc Saturn square her Pluto in 2018 which looks discouraging. Often epiphanies which bring highs of insight and a sense of being on a better road, are then followed by a down phase, with the hope of more stability once the peaks and troughs settle down. It’s a winding road.


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