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‘Like the Living Dead in a second-rate horror film, the premiership of Theresa May staggers on oblivious.’ Even given former Chancellor George Osborne’s personal axe-grinding, his words do strike a chord amidst growing alarm of UK voters and businesses about the non-progress of the Brexit negotiations. There are two views about the Brussels contest of wills between the chosen chefs Barnier and Davis. One view says the EU are incapable of negotiating anything, which was Greek finance minister Yanis Yaroufakis’ experience; he said early on ‘just walk away’. The other is that May’s cabinet is so riven with dispute they can’t agree on anything much and she’s running a rudderless Government, in office but not in power. Both may well be true.

Theresa May’s Government chart, 9 June 2017 12.35pm, London, does not generate confidence with a split Full Moon of Gemini Sun opposition Moon on the MC/IC axis square Neptune on the Descendant – conflicted, confused, delusional, impractical, uncommitted. There is an inspirational Fire Grand Trine of Saturn trine Uranus trine Node, but all in hidden houses, formed into a Kite with Saturn opposition Sun = difficulty of turning dreams into reality and bedevilled by delays and setbacks.

Senior Tories are muttering publicly she has no chance of making it to the next election and with tr Neptune in the panicky-failure conjunction to her Mars (early 2017, repeating March 2018 and again late Oct to end December 2018); and tr Neptune in an enthusiasm-denting opposition to her Jupiter in 2019/2020, they are almost certainly right. But as to when she’ll actually jump ship or more likely be pushed isn’t clear, given there are no obvious successors and with the risk that an early election might shoe-in Jeremy Corbyn. She does have Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun, anywhere from the end of this year to late 2018, depending on her birth time. That usually coincides with a considerable jolt which pushes her off track.  Certainly her 2018/2019 looks shockingly difficult with tr Pluto conjunct her Mars/Saturn midpoint from March 2018 onwards till late 2019, which presages disasters.

Where her government chart looks in most trouble is by 2019 when tr Neptune squares the Sun and Moon. That’s the point where tr Pluto squares her personal Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, which usually coincides with career losses.

Her relationship chart with the Conservative Party is at nerve-stretch at the moment, in a mood of explosive insecurity in Dec/Jan 2018, devastated and confused in 2018/19 and desperate to separate again next April. They’d happily feed her to the fishes now.

May is keen to sidestep Barnier and negotiate directly with Merkel, but that relationship chart is jolting and jangling from this October onwards, more so in 2018, and thoroughly ill-humoured in 2019.

Best guesses would be that she goes in 2019 when the Brexit impasse ends up in a heap on the floor.

Michel Barnier, EU negotiator, 9 Jan 1951 4.40pm La Tronche, France, is also swamped by Neptune with tr Pluto square his Neptune and conjunct his Sun in 2017/18; and then conjunct his MC in 2019. So he’s not winning too much.

It could actually come down to a ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ – which means the EU has a huge hole blown in its budget; and the hardline Brexiteers have to put their money where their mouths have been and create a self-starting independent UK with no trade agreements in place.

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  1. Dear Marjorie,

    TM seems to have a lot of planets at the 29th Anaretic degree; Pluto at 29th Leo, Mercury at 29th Virgo, Neptune at 29th Libra and Saturn at 29th Scorpio.

    Could you comment on an interpretation of the 29th Anaretic degree?

    Also is there a significance to all the outer planets (except Uranus) being at the 29th degree?

    • The final degree of each sign is known as Anaretic and has been given a fairly bad press in traditional astrology and was thought of as debilitating. Theresa May has Pluto, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn all at 29 degrees. There are two main thoughts about them. One is they involve the person in major transitions. But there also seem to be problems in arriving at decisions, with a good deal of dithering and reviewing all the options – and then leaping (not always wisely) into action, often against the wisdom of the meticulous thinking that preceded the decision. So delay, then hasty charge ahead.

    • Probably “pars fortuna” or the Part of Fortune, the most well known and used of the Arabic Parts. They are mathematical points which rely on an accurate birth time, which Theresa May doesn’t have to my knowledge. I don’t use them, but there are lots of resources on the web if you put those terms through Google.

    1 October 1956
    All Saints hosp. Eastborne
    50°,45’16,6 n
    00°,15’57,5 w
    Fictive rectified birthtime: 03h,00m20s5
    GMT: 02h,00m52s

    Asc. 25 Leo
    MC 13 Taurus.
    Pars 13 Cancer

    30 August 2017: Brexit problems.

    Progressive aspects and transits.

    30-Aug-2017 006°,32’24 Libra Asc 120 Chiron
    30-Aug-2017 021°,12’00 Sagittarius Sat 135 Ura transit
    30-Aug-2017 026°,06’38 Leo Mars 0 Moon transit
    30-Aug-2017 021°,45’19 Libra Jup 90 AR05 transit
    30-Aug-2017 026°,22’53 Leo Mars 180 Black Moon transit

    9-Sep-2017 -21°,36’52 Sun # Plu

    • Thanks for this. Rectified times are always speculative but a Leo Ascendant conj Venus Moon makes sense of her fashion choices. With Pluto close by putting up an enigmatic front and especially square a 4th house Saturn in Scorpio, tough and none too emotional, putting duty before family. Jupiter trine her MC – she’s been very lucky in her career despite tripping over major disasters and misjudgments in the past. Plus it puts her MC conjunct the EU heavily aspected 8th house Taurus Moon and square the EU Uranus. Could work – astrologically speaking, I mean.

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