Louise Hay – a lucrative crusade for optimism



Louise Hay, the hugely successful American motivational writer and founder of Hay House publishing which produced her own mega-million selling books as well as those by Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer amongst others, has died. She had a difficult childhood with a single mother, a violent stepfather, was raped at five by a neighbour, had a baby at 16 which was adopted, and took to positive-thinking religion which she said helped her cure her cervical cancer.

Born 8 October 1926 at 12.30am Los Angeles, she certainly had a challenging and ambitious chart. She had a quick-witted, communicative 3rd house Sun in Libra as well as Venus, with her Sun trine Jupiter in Aquarius, and her Jupiter in an enthusiastic, risk-taking square to a hard-driving 10th house Mars in Taurus. Her Mars was opposition a 4th house Saturn, pointing to her abusive and unsupportive childhood, squaring onto an idealistic (and flashy) Neptune in Leo, so channelling all her angst into visions and dreams. It forms a wide Fixed Grand Cross, which would give her considerable stamina and power to persevere, with the always-hopeful Neptune opposition Jupiter attracting her to positive thinking as a cure all.

She had three planets in each of the Water signs, so it made a wide Water Grand Trine of an insightful 12th house Pluto trine Saturn trine Uranus on the cusp of the 9th (= New Age publishing) – it would make her healing for others if not always for herself.

She was praised for her work with AIDs victims, though her metaphysical counselling attracted criticism for her view that people’s mental attitudes created their own illness; and that genocide victims had bad karma, so brought their destruction on themselves for past life misdeeds.

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  1. First Donna Cunningham and now Ms Hay? Thanks for everything Louise. Such an inspirational life story, which I remember just reading about had enough power to uplift me during my deep and darker healing period. ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ changed my journey. I will always have that book in my life. So much love Ms Hay. Rest easy.

  2. I tried copy/paste Hay’s 12H chart but unfortunately this site doesn’t allow that. Maybe in the future we will be able to post charts.

  3. She had a strong 12th Harmonic chart, being a victim of abuse. Also writers. She has a Grand Air trine in her 12H, of Asc Gemini, writing, trine Pluto, abuse, in 4th, home trine Neptune, visions, dreams, in 9th of publishing.
    Her Saturn on the 8th cusp, the metaphysical, squares the MH, so she brought these ideas to the public by publishing them.
    In addition in her 12H, she has Mercury, writing, ruler of her Asc, exactly on the 10th cusp.l
    I have a question….can we post charts here….I would like to post her 12th Harmonic chart.

  4. Genocide victims brought on their own demise? One can rationalize away nearly anything with that kind of process. It’s in the same vein as childess parents are being punished by God for sinning.

    I can’t discount that angry thinking brings down the body’s immune system, however, preventing the body from fighting off even the simplest of bugs.

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