Texodus, an oil baron putsch – CaLeavefornia, a hippy coup

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There is now threatening to be a pandemic of breakaway movements who have taken heart from the Brit bungee jump (with less elastic than expected). Texit or Texodus, Calexit or CaLeavefornia, even NHexit in New Hampshire, are getting all roiled up about splitting away from the already federalised USA. There is no escape clause in the much cherished American Constitution and early attempts have been bounced back.

The USA 4 July 1776 chart does look unduly unsettled from this month till April 2018 with tr Uranus square Mercury at the moment and moving on to square the USA Pluto. So there may be much heated debate though it’s unlikely to lead to a King/Emperor/President in Texas.

Texas is leading the charge and the Texas 2 March 1836/USA relationship chart is riven with dispute over the next few years as first tr Uranus is conjunct Mars and then opposition Saturn. But with a 12 degree Pisces Sun, the oil baron state doesn’t look to be winning much for a couple of years.

California, 9 Sept 1850, already has a revolutionary-prone Uranus Pluto in Aries conjunction natally in its joining chart. That is being keyed up by tr Uranus conjunct Pluto Uranus in 2018/19 so they’re like to be in the mood to disrupt and cause some unrest.  The California/USA relationship chart does have tr Pluto trine Uranus in 2017/18 which could shake a few apples out of the tree.

But the likelihood of a full scale civil war between states and Washington seems unlikely.

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