Hillary Clinton – FBI fishing expedition





Hillary Clinton has been interviewed by the FBI over the question of her use of a private email server for classified material during her time as Secretary of State. Significantly previous Secretary of States – Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice – appeared to have done the same thing.

Hillary’s chart does have tr Uranus opposition the Solar Arc Pluto exactly now which picked up late June, so a possible upheaval/disruption. This influence runs till early September, and she had the on-tenterhooks/insecure tr Uranus opposition Solar Arc Mars in the run up through June. These don’t recur until early 2017.

Assuming her 8.01 am birth time is accurate (?), she has Jupiter in her successful 10th at the moment, moving into her optimistic and team-building 11th from September. Tr Pluto moves into her 3rd from early 2017 starting a protracted period of a heavily pressured everyday schedule; with disruptive (and independent-minded) Uranus moving into her 6th house of health and work from mid 2017. Tr Pluto is sextile her Solar Arc MC in October, which is positive,  though could also be seen as across this year since it is very dependent on the birth time to the exact minute.

January 2017 sees tr Saturn square her Pisces Moon which can be gloomy or a house move. The September Solar Eclipse falls in her 10th for a now-or-never bid for career success, but it can go either way, rise or fall.

She has sagging influences through this October with tr Saturn square her Mars/Neptune and then square her Neptune/Pluto and Jupiter/Uranus, but they disappear by late October. Over the election itself she has tr Uranus trine Saturn which is normally constructive change.

In December she regains her successful tr Pluto sextile Sun/Jupiter and Venus.

By late 2017 she has her Solar Arc Saturn (heavily aspected in a T Square) conjunct her Sun. So if she does make it, she’ll be swamped by problems.


2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton – FBI fishing expedition

  1. Kate, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. It’s a fishing expedition. Why do you project yourself unto this woman?

  2. It’s not a fishing expedition, IT is a criminal investigation!

    No USA Secretary of State has ever had a home brew unsecured computer server in their bathroom.
    No USA Secretary of State has ever deleted over 30,000 emails that pertain to State Department business.
    No USA Secretary of State has ever had an FBI criminal investigation done because of Top Secret/classified emails
    that were passed around to cronies like candy.
    Hitlery is an arrogant, elitist, crook and liar who feels entitled to special treatment because…..
    It possibly would help if you did not read the New York Slimes as a source of misinformation.

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