Tennis – nothing clean, but then it never was

The International Tennis Federation is now facing allegations of match fixing, following on from Fifa’s corruption and Athletics doping cover-up scandals.

Where did all the old sporting spirit go? Nothing seems clean. Where competition brings a mass audience, cash registers are guaranteed to follow.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) was founded on 1 March 1913 in Paris with a Pisces Sun sextile Jupiter in Capricorn. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune this year is catching the ITF Pisces Sun. It will induce disappointment and damage reputations, more so from mid March onwards. Tr Neptune is also opposition the Solar Arc Saturn which is slowly approaching an opposition to the ITF Sun by late 2017. So a clean-up may take some time.

The IAAF (Athletics), 17 July 1912, has a similarly sinking year with the tr Saturn square tr Neptune bouncing off the Solar Arc Mars and Solar Arc Saturn; with tr Uranus square the Cancer Neptune Sun mid-year onwards. They’ll take even longer to get their house in order since their really testing time comes in 2020 after a major meltdown as tr Pluto opposes their Neptune Sun.

FIFA (football) 21 May 1904, is gridlocked this year with Solar Arc Mars square Pluto; and backed into a corner in 2018/19 with Solar Arc Sun square Pluto.

Maybe all this has something to do with the Uranus Pluto square upending the corrupt old structures and attempting along with Pluto in Capricorn to do a long term spring clean.

Pluto in Capricorn was historically associated with times of justice and culture. Not much of that on the horizon yet, but I travel hopefully..

PS. I  looked up a treatise on the original Olympic Games which suggests they weren’t much different. “Greek Olympics were fierce contests between bitter rivals, in which victors won kudos and rewards, and losers faced scorn and even assault. Victory was almost worth dying for and a number of athletes did just that. Many more resorted to cheating and bribery. Contested always bitterly and often bloodily, the ancient Olympics were not an idealistic celebration of unity, but a clash of military powers in an arena not far removed from the battlefield.” Ah well, another illusion shattered.

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