Oscars – the glitter tarnished

The Oscar nominations are coming in for heavy criticism because of the lack of black or minority actors, with talk of a boycott.

The first Oscars ever was held 16 May 1929 with a confident and stubborn Sun Jupiter in Taurus square Neptune in Leo – well suited to the indulgent feste and high finance of the premier film award jamboree. There’s also an inspirational, entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of Neptune trine Saturn in self-righteous Sagittarius trine Venus in Aries. Grand Trines tend to get stuck in a comfortable rut, unless focused into a Kite with an opposition to one leg. It’s a chart with huge energy but lacking the capacity for radical change.

Until now. There’s a double whammy of collapse-and-rebuild influences. The Solar Arc Pluto is opposing the Oscars Uranus this year; and tr Uranus is square the O’s Pluto exactly now, followed by tr Pluto opposition Pluto. There may be a major tug of war between the old guard and the agents for change, but with all that force being generated something will have to give. Expect next year to be different.

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