Teal Swan – the risks of self-help


A hugely popular American self-help guru, who suggests that any followers with suicidal intentions should visualise what it would be like to die has been accused of being irresponsible after at least two have taken their lives.

Welcome to the internet age. Teal Swan, 16 June 1984 7.42 am Santa Fe, New Mexico, has a YouTube channel that has been viewed nearly 80 million times, a Facebook closed group called the Teal Tribe and holds seminars across the USA. She calls herself a “personal transformation revolutionary” and “spiritual catalyst”; critics have dubbed her “The Suicide Catalyst”.

She appears to have had a troubled childhood with hypersensitivity and clairvoyant experiences, self-harm and claims of being abused in a cult. She also said she was an alien from the star Arcturus. Her ministry started in her late twenties and focuses on healing from trauma and psychological ailments, including suicidal thoughts.

Birth time being accurate, she has a 12th house Sun Venus in Gemini opposition Neptune and trine a 4th house Pluto – lives in a dream world, ambitious, drawn to the supernatural with such a strong Neptune Pluto, not always good at distinguishing reality from delusion. She has a 4th house Mars Saturn in Scorpio which would back up her story of abuse by a family friend and she certainly looks to have had a horror-filled childhood with much fear with Pluto there as well. She has Uranus in the performing 5th house in an outspoken opposition to Mercury in Gemini. And an intense and possessive Aquarius Moon square Pluto.

Her victim/healer 12th harmonic is strong and communicative. Her get-it-together and can-be-dominating 5th harmonic is exceptionally stressed but notable; as is her humanitarian and/or keen-on-acquiring-a-good life 9H.

The wounded healer archetype only works constructively if the healer has actually worked conscientiously through their own long, gruelling healing process. If they haven’t, they end up doing damage.

Her career and life will make a sharp change of direction with tr Uranus conjunct the Solar Arc Midheaven from mid 2020 onwards; as the same time as tr Uranus opposes her Saturn Mars in Scorpio into 2021 – and that will bring a major emotional crisis. Followed by tr Neptune opposition her Sun Venus in 2022/23 which is generally a healing influence though also lacklustre.

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  1. I would say transit Neptune in square to natal Venus/Neptune would be much different than opposition. The former signifies issues in relationships , the rose colored glasses syndrome where first there is idealization followed by disillusionment and possibly betrayal or loss. The square of tr. Neptune to n. Venus may be , in her case, signifying her guru like status among her followers, based on her spiritual writings , physical beauty , and charisma. With this she tries to found a community or home for her group with the high potential for scandal or financial malfescence.

    Personally – theres a
    something about Teal that leaves me cold.

    • Or: she could end up hospitalized, for her own good. Her natal Venus/Neptune is 12th house/6th house. Very traditional astrologers tend to equate 12th house with institutionalization, 6th house with illness. 6th house Neptune is something you do not want to look up on tradional astrology text books, I personally experienced a period of physical, but hard to diagnose, illnesses emerging during Neptune transit through 6th house.

      There’s something to suggest this on her bio. She had mental health issues (including possible hallucinations) as a preteen, but her parents gave up with “traditional” psychiatric care because therapy didn’t fix her immediately. There’s an obvious issue here: Mental care professionals do not, traditionally, diagnose many conditions in children or teens. For instance, a young abuse victim (which I think she truly was), could develop a BPD very early, but only be diagnosed in late teens.

      Thid also makes me wonder about Jordan Peterson and his chart, as well. He was all over internet, and hailed as a guru of “political incorrectness”. Earlier this year, he disappeared. Apparently, he tried to fix his autoimmune issues, anxiety and depression with all carnivore diet advocated by his daughter, but has been hospitalized for months.

      I feel deep symphathy for struggles of these two, but also see how people seeking a guru status, now obtainable easily through internet, tend to lack selfawareness.

      • Solaia, I’ve just come out of the 6th house Neptune transit and went through the same thing (Now exactly conjunct my DESC and exactly square my natal Neptune conjunct the IC!) I was clearly ill and all diagnosis’ constantly came up with zilch, even being told it was psychological! Absolutely infuriating.

        Joseph, yeah, Teal leaves me cold too. I’m quite into this spiritual stuff and like to learn about new philosophies and insights. I came across her about 2yrs ago and she was fairly inoffensive compared to what is being leveled at her today. Her energy just screamed dark and I thought ‘no thanks’. Her vibe felt cold and psychopathic or just ‘dead’ but very heavy and uncomfortable. I didn’t know anything about her, but having read some stuff since, it’s possible I was picking up on her energy that some abuse victims have in my experience. There is a certain intensity to it when they are not healed. I do believe she was abused and not making it up. Advising suicide is absolutely insane! I don’t know how one can sleep at night knowing some women have killed themselves at a desperate time in their life due to her advice. It might make sense in HER head but she should never have given this view to her audience. Woman’s either desperately broken, psychopathic, or dare i say, has spirit attachments (yes, i know it sounds crazy!) from all that trauma she’s been through, to explain away her behavior. Either way, I hope she can get help and healing.

  2. When I look at the transits in 2022, Neptune will actually not be in opposition to her Sun/Venus but it will square it.
    Does that make a difference?
    Thank you for your answer, in advance.

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