Devin Nunes – rash, brash and self-defeating

Republican congressman Devin Nunes, a fervent Trump supporter and purveyor of conspiracy theories is likely to face an ethics investigation over allegations he met with Shokin, an ex-Ukrainian prosecutor at the centre of the impeachment inquiry according to the top Democrat on the House armed services committee. Democrats claim it is all part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Shokin who was ousted from his position for not pursuing corruption against Ukraine’s politicians, has been the subject of debunked conservative conspiracy theories that claim Biden, when vice-president, forced the country to fire him to stymie an investigation into a Ukrainian energy company of which his son Hunter was a board member.

In 2017 Nunes, then head of the House intelligence committee, was investigated for an alleged classified information leak to the public but was cleared by the then Republican controlled house; and he has since then alleged an FBI conspiracy against Trump.

Born 1 October 1973 7.07 am Tulare, California, he has a controlling Sun Pluto in Libra on his Ascendant from the 12th in an unyielding square to a well-organised Saturn in Cancer on his midheaven. With a confident Sun Pluto trine Jupiter sextile a head-in-the-clouds Moon Neptune in Sagittarius. And two strained Yods onto an apex planet Mars from Sun Pluto sextile Moon Neptune; and onto Saturn from Neptune Moon sextile Jupiter. His afflicted Mars will tend to make his actions rash, disruptive, self-defeating; and his Saturn requires real maturity and self-discipline to make it work otherwise it results in failure and personal despair.

The December Solar Eclipse in Capricorn will oppose his Saturn suggesting a chickens-coming-home-to-roost phase in the months thereafter. He has a trapped, scary tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint now till mid December; followed from late January 2020 by an equally blocked and frustrating tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars which repeats on and off till late 2020. His focal point Mars also picks up the tr Uranus conjunction from mid 2020 which could be explosive, damaging to his self-esteem and producing over-reactions – and that also repeats over the elections and into 2021.

His interface with Trump is edgy and confused at the best of times with Trump’s Neptune square Mercury sitting on top of Nunes’ Sun Pluto square Saturn. And Nunes’ stressed Mars is square Trump’s Pluto for a hidden power struggle that could turn nasty if it ever emerged into the light of day. Their relationship chart has a needs-space, differing-agenda composite Sun Uranus conjunction. It’s under severe not to say catastrophic stress from mid March onwards – very aggravated and blocked till mid year; and again over the New Year and throughout 2021.


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  1. Also, from personal experience, I have to say there was a time I wished I had that upbeat Sadgittarius Moon instead my gloomy Capricorn one. But I’ve since seen some Libra Sun / Sadgittarius Moons go to pretty bad places due to relying too much on charm and/or wit rather than personal responsability. It’s stunning, for instance, that Democrats have people with JDs from some of the best Universities and prosecutoral background handling these hearings, while Nunes has a MSc in agriculture. Surely, there would be competent Republican lawyers willing to take this over, if they didn’t think it’s risky.

  2. Don’t I just love another October 1st Libran “representing” us? Nunes has been on my radar since his midnight visit to WH in 2017. During this time, he has, among other things, sued parody accounts. He really isn’t the brightest bulp, and I even suspect Republicans have set him up as a fall guy in case public opinion will turn more markedly against Trump. Some of them must remember what happened to Nixon, and although public opinion is much more polarized now, they would not want to be on the front row.

      • Yes, that what I thought, too.

        But, apparently, Parnas has him on tape, and House Intelligence Committee has the tape. I expect him to either be expelled or resign tomorrow. It has now become all about firewalling the Prez, who, it appears doesn’t even bother to reach The West Wing, or, as I think, is willingly isolating himself, because his legal advisors have told him to distance himself from everybody.

  3. Thanks for your post!
    Nunes has been working with the WH behind the scenes since Mueller, I am not surprised that his Vienna trip last year with Victor Shokin is coming out. Five days after Nunes’ birth the Yom Kippur War erupted – I was living in Tel Aviv and pregnant with my oldest son when that 2 PM siren went off. My son was born in Tel Aviv (December of 1973). Those were difficult days, wars are never easy…and here we are again it seems.
    It’s interesting to observe the Saturn/Pluto babies born 46 years later during this this Saturn/Pluto conjunction in capricorn.
    Nunes is certainly a sneaky one.

    • Suzanne, thank you for interesting historical context here, too! I remember there’s a 10 day period of atonement from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, that’s so he would have born during that period.

      • Yes thats right. Those 10 days are called the Days of Awe.
        YK was 10/6/73 /Tishrei 10 5734 – a Saturday.
        Nunes was born 10/1/73 the 5th day of Tishrei the “midpoint” between RH and YK.

    • Don’t forget Nunes is suing a Cow, a Twitter parody account purporting to be his Cow because the Cow says “mean” things about him, full of delightful barnyard puns. Many wags on Twitter dress Nunes in a cow costume, which suits his moronic behavior. Check out @DevinCow on Twitter.

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