Tab Hunter – a Hollywood fantasy



Tab Hunter, a Hollywood superstar of the 1950s, has died. He was a bronzed, blond pin-up, an all-American, clean-cut youth whom teenage girls swooned over and wanted to take home to mom. At the time, Hunter was having a clandestine relationship with Anthony Perkins (Psycho) and later ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev. But such was the film business’s homophobia and obsession with carefully polished images, any scandal stories were swept firmly out of sight and he paraded red carpets with Nathalie Wood.

Born 11 July 1931 3am New York, he had an abusive father whom his mother divorced and moved the family to California. He lied about his age and joined the coastguards at 15 but was soon picked up by a talent-spotting agent who had rebranded Rock Hudson, Troy Donahue and Rory Calhoun.  He only came out officially in 2005 with an award-winning memoir, despite having lived with his film-producer partner for two decades, who remained at his side for 35 years in all.

Hunter certainly carried the signature of the Depression generation with an almost exact Sun Pluto in Cancer (and Jupiter) opposition Saturn square Uranus in Aries; and had an Earth Grand Trine of Saturn trine a hidden Taurus Moon trine Mars in Virgo, formed into a Kite by the opposition to his Sun Pluto – so destined to be influential, lucky, talented in his way.  His father comes across as domineering with a Sun Pluto in bleak aspect to Saturn and erratic Uranus, as well as an angry Mars in the 4th.

Anthony Perkins, 4 April 1932, was the same generation and his Venus in Taurus fell in Hunter’s 12th conjunct his Moon, which fits with a secret relationship. Nureyev, 17 March 1838 was a late Sun Pisces which trined Hunter’s Sun Pluto and they had an affectionate composite Sun Venus in their relationship chart.

Another example of one of the beautiful people who have amazingly strong and stark charts. His birth time is unverified, but if accurate, then his light-hearted Gemini Ascendant was what the public saw. Behind that was a tougher human being with a steely backbone.

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