Syrian War – tipping point??

The messy Syrian War may be at a tipping point over coming months according to Patrick Cockburn in the Independent (URL At the moment it looks like stalemate with the Russians supporting Assad and the other major players not wanting to lose credibility but not wanting to get stuck in a decade long, expensive quagmire.

There’s nothing overly hopeful on any of the charts instantly. The Syria 1 January 1944 12am chart has semi-survived majorly difficult influences over the past three years. It gets a lift in 2017 from tr Uranus trine its Jupiter from May 2017 onward. But before then it still has Solar Arc Saturn square the Syria Mars Uranus, exact in eight months’ time and thereafter for several months, which will be devastating and probably violent.

Bashar Assad’s Presidency chart, 17 July 2000, is facing more insecurity with tr Uranus square Mars from April, and then progressing through tr Uranus square Sun/Mars, onto square Sun in 2017. So highly unstable.

Assad’s relationship with Putin is sagging through this year as high hopes are dashed with the Russians discovering it wasn’t the easy fix they had hoped for.

Assad’s personal chart is under continuing heavy pressure from tr Pluto trine Uranus Pluto Sun in 2016/17/18 – so a grinding run of forced changes.

According to reports, ‘Isis is now almost sealed off within its self-declared caliphate’. This fits with tr Uranus opposing its Venus, due one final hit this late Feb/March, which causes financial and other upsets; and tr Uranus then continues to oppose the Sun Mars through this year for more disruption and risk.  2017 will be even more challenging for them with tr Pluto square their Venus and in 2018/19 tr Pluto square their Sun. 2020/21 should see them finally wiped out with tr Pluto square Mars, if it hasn’t happened before.

None of this looks like a sunny, peaceful end to this year. A long drawn out agony for poor Syria and Iraq.

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