Syria attack – Neptune + brutality



The attack on Syrian chemical weapons research and storage facilities by US, backed by France and UK, was launched at 3.55am today. Mars in Capricorn is exactly midway between Saturn and Pluto which does point to violence. Mars Saturn is military; Saturn Pluto is war; Mars Pluto is brutality – and the last is still to come to reach the exact conjunction on the 26th. To date there has been no indication of direct retaliation from either Russia or Iran.

Neptune is just below the Pisces Ascendant which could tie in with poison gas being the trigger. As well as to the myriad conpiracy and other theories swirling. Craig Murray appears to lean towards blaming Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia for the Skripal nerve agent attack as well as the chlorine/maybe sarin Douma atrocity, as false flags to inflame western opinion against Russia and thence against his greatest rival for Middle Eastern supremacy – Iran. Or it could be Russia actually did do a Litvinenko job in Salisbury; and Assad, backed by Russia and Iran, decided he was invulnerable and could suit himself.

Other voices say the West has done nothing about the seven year carnage of the Syrian Civil War – ’a human tragedy of near-biblical proportions. Upwards of 700,000 civilians have been killed, with an estimated 13m displaced – over half the population.’ (Guardian). But decided to get morally indignant over another form of destruction.  Though after Iraq and Libya, it was a case of damned if you do (interfere), damned if you don’t. And indeed  did little has been done about Israel’s use of questionable weapons in Gaza, ditto US with white phosphorus in Iraq, though I don’t think the latter is proscribed under International Treaty.

Trump, au naturellement, was looking for any distraction from the Mueller/Cohen/Comey debacles. Macron equally thrives on military pomp and wittingly or otherwise would find a foreign escapade diverted attention from domestic unrest.

What is worrisome is that both James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, and Joseph Dunford, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff look unnerved and undermined. Mattis, 8 September 1950 has tr Neptune opposing his Virgo Sun starting this month, on and off till late 2019 as he fends off aggravated panic from Trump. Dunford, 8 December 1955, also has tr Neptune in hard aspect to his Sagittarius Sun, running for the same time frame.   Military men tend to be more cautious about launching into gesture attacks since they are more aware than most of the damage war causes and the risks of escalation.

What was always clear was that Bashar Assad’s Term was moving into its most dangerous few years, despite the war having been ‘won.’ Tr Pluto picked up the opposition to his Term Mars last month, sticking around till late 2019, which is cornered and very high-risk, before moving on to oppose the Sun/Mars midpoint and finally the Sun in 2021/2022. So it’s not over by a long shot.

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  1. Chemical weapons experts press for access to Syria attack site
    Questions asked about how Russia was able to take sympathetic journalists to Douma while international inspectors have been waylaid on safety grounds.

    Syrian medics ‘subjected to extreme intimidation’ after Douma attack. Doctors say those who treated patients after attack have been told they and their families will be targeted if they speak out

  2. Thanks Marjorie
    Does the attack chart or any for that matter indicate going forward that this is the only strike? Unless there’s more in the pipeline, this has otherwise been a theatrical dog and pony show, achieving not much in the Syrian theatre. Assad is no weaker and will prevail in the civil war along with his partners.

    • It’s pretty tense up to the end of this month. Don’t think the Pentagon was keen even on this escapade and Trump’s fan base are outraged that he stuck a toe in foreign affairs against his campaign promises.
      Haaretz is saying it’s only hardened Arab attitudes to interfering colonials.

    • The situation in the Middle East is a lot more complicated than the rather simplistic coverage in the MSM would lead people to believe. The Syrian civil war is just the stage on which wider rivalries are being played with the people of the country and even Assad in some ways just incidental players. In the West the media tends to concentrate on global geopolitics and the role of Russia in propping up Assads regime. However, in the Middle East itself people are aware a regional struggle for domination going on between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. In fact a good number of the people involved in fighting the Syrian Civil war are not Syrians at all. Assad’ s army is now heavily supported by large numbers of Iranian armed personnel. Similarly the Syrian opposition contains an increasing rag bag of Islamic militants armed by the Saudis and shipped into the country from places as far away as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Playing into this toxic mix are the Israelis who clearly would like the Arab world to continue tearing itself to bits forever. The whole mess is very similar to the set up of the Thirty Years War which devastated central Europe in the first half of the 17th century when France, Sweden, and the Holy Roman Empire used the religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Germany to play out their rivalries. If it follows the same course then there is unlikely to be a ‘winner’ of this conflict so it will continue with greater or lesser intensity until all parties are exhausted

  3. I note that Putin’s 12th House Neptune at 21° Libra will be square that Mars Pluto Conjunction on 26 April 2018. His Neptune also opposes the 1927 UK Chart 4th House Sun at 21° Aries.

    • Worth noting that China has backed Russia in the UN vote on the Syrian attack today rather than abstaining which is its normal policy.
      The Chinese President Jinping Xi born 15 June 1953 shares that 21° Libra Neptune with Putin but also has it conjunct Saturn at 20° 36′ Libra. Those are also going to be triggered by that Pluto Mars Conjunction in Capricorn on the 26th April 2018.

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