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Katie Holmes,  star in Dawson’s Creek, former wife of Tom Cruise, has had a sporadic career since exiting the high-profile marriage in 2012, allegedly over her concerns about bringing their daughter Suri up in Scientology. She has been in recent years highly praised for her role of Jackie Kennedy in a TV series, was in Soderbergh’s acclaimed Logan Lucky last year and has started directing as well as acting. She’s been together with the actor, singer, comedian Jaimie Foxx for some years.

Born 18 December 1978 9.32pm Toledo Junction, Ohio with a lawyer father, who organized her pre-nup and her quickie divorce after 5 years, with full custody of Suri, she was brought up Roman Catholic. According to reports, Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter for several years, so Katie has been single-parenting. With scientology, you’re either in or you’re out. The two adopted children with Cruise’s former marriage to Nicole Kidman, opted to stay in, so Kidman has little contact.

Katie Holmes has a 5th house Sun in late Sagittarius conjunct Mars in early Capricorn, so is designed for the spotlight and for performing. Apart from that, her Sun isn’t well integrated into the rest of her chart. She has a 12th house Moon Jupiter in Leo sextile Pluto and square Venus Uranus in Scorpio. With her Venus Uranus sextile Saturn in Virgo. She’ll be happy in her own company, fairly secretive and quite intense.

When she married Cruise, tr Saturn was moving just below her horizon so a less ambitious and less successful time career-wise. She’s coming out of that now and will gradually start to become more visible and find her prospects brighten.

There was a good deal of affection with Cruise with a composite Sun Venus in their relationship chart but that was also conjunct Uranus, so one or other would feel their individuality was being stifled. Plus an argumentative Mercury opposition Mars; and a see-saw up and down Jupiter opposition a suspicious, doubt-ridden Saturn Neptune. Her relationship with David Miscavige, leader of the Scientologists (the third item in their marriage) wasn’t great.

Suri, the daughter, 18 April 2006 3.26am Santa Monica, California, has a heavy chart and a troubled relationship with her out-with-her-control father. Her Aries Sun is trine Pluto which in turn opposes Mars in Cancer. Like her mother she has an emotionally changeable Venus conjunct Uranus, in her case in Pisces. Her Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct Pluto, so close to her mother.


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  1. Mother and Daughter born on 18 day.

    I’ve always found interesting this sun/moon similaries between mother and child. Here Saggy Sun mother Saggy Moon child. Grace Kelly and Caroline of Monaco too, Scorpio Sun mother and Scorpio Moon daughter. Kate Middleton and George, Cancer moon mother Cancer sun son…

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