Summer Solstice – Cancer Ingress

 The Cancer Ingress which is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere occurred last night with the Cancer Sun close to Venus and Mercury. It is a pot pourri of contradictory influences. Charm from Sun Venus; ruthlessness, risk and frustration from Pluto square Mars; confidence and success from Pluto trine Jupiter; disappointment and confusion from Sun Venus square Neptune; unhappy, discontented populace from Moon square Saturn.  

 I never know how much use these Ingress charts are – but for those who are interested.

 On the astrocartography – north western Canada/Alaska looks favoured. Middle North America looks trapped; the UK is discontented and stuck;  India looks troubled; and New Zealand looks aggravated.  Whether any of that will play out I have no idea.

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  1. Noting with the Capricorn full moon falling a day later – and all the planets in Cancer – JK Rowling is front page with her criticism of Starmer / Labour for abandoning women re: trans rights

  2. As a Nordic person celebrating Midsummer, my very visual observation this year is that we get a Full Moon for the Midsummer Eve that’s also very close to the actual Summer Solstice this year (due to the calendering, meaning Midsummer Eve is always Friday and Midsummer Saturday, it’s not given).

    And, since a lot of Northern lore and magic is I think justly (science has just proven beech trees shed their nuts precisely on midsummer, and that they do their largest shedding 2 years after cold winters) tracking Summer Solstice, I think this was a powerful one.

    • I lived through a Finnish midsummer vicariously, through Tove Jansson’s Moominland and ‘Moominsummer Madness’ in particular! The closest I’ve ever come is July in St.Petersburg in a hotel! But I’d never seen the midnight sun before and it was a wonderful treat.

  3. Contemplating the meaning of ‘aggravated for here in NZ. Feels like tumbling rapidly down the hole with Alice in Wonderland. ‘Aggravated’ seems a tad mild but headed in the right direction. ‘Upset’ maybe, as in tipped upside down.
    I do think Ingresses are interesting

  4. Personally I like to look at the solar ingress charts not least because they can be timed accurately. I find the fact that the Moon is in the only planet in the upper part of the chart intriguing. It is in the 11th house of the UK masses, Parliament etc in Sagittarius squaring Saturn in Pisces in the Second House of the peoples money, finances and possessions. The 11th House is associated with Aquarius which is where Pluto and s currently located. Potentially the people (Moon) want express their power via the legislature in order to instigate change (Sagittarius being both mutable and fire). The limiting factor is going to be Saturn in Pisces (government) which presumably needs and is limited by the peoples willingness to pay the taxes required (Second House). Interestingly the Moon will be back in the 11th House in Gemini the opposite sign to Sagittarius squaring a retrograde Saturn just before the polls open for the U.K. General Election at 7.00 am on 4th July 2024. In this instance I think the Cancer ingress chart has relevance particularly for Britain.

    • Just to add that when the UK General Election polls close at 10.00 pm on Thursday 4 July 2024 the Moon will be in domicile at 0 Cancer almost exactly conjunct the Cancer Ingress Sun. Quite a few echoes between the charts here. There is a Pluto in Aquarius opposite Mercury in Leo aspect in operation in election day which ends with Pluto in the First House opposite Mercury in the 7th House. The country will be trying to ram a particular message home to foreigners but it will be contentious

      • I always worry about my calculations: however, it looks like Moon/Pluto midpoint is on the Ingress Charts Ascendent, opposite Mercury in the sixth house . I think the working people are going to shock this Election. There is no love for any of these parties . It is not a done deal for Labour. Perhaps a Hung Parliament? This Moon/Pluto midpoint is trine Mars in the 3rd in Taurus. The is some anger about what is not being said. Many voters are not being told the truth about their money. The people want this. I think a hidden Moon in Sagittarius in 12th with Jupiter in Gemini, along with Mercury it’s ruling planet in the 6th house on the Descendant – want more this time. The people no longer wish to be fooled. This echoes by the Sun/Moon midpoint falling in Virgo in the 8th house. Mercury/Virgo rules work/health. The NHS is not working on the model it started with. We all know this. Virgo ruled by Mercury, likes detail and analysis – in other words more information. They parties are talking about money which is not theirs. Many people are fed up with the hidden money/debt which is not talked about.

        • Agree with your thoughts on money/debt etc. It seems Starmer seems to be channeling Liz Truss with his belief that growth will avoid raising taxes. Promising something that he has no direct control over and has to keep his fingers crossed that it happens.

          As for Hung Parliament – hmmm … I know polls aren’t always that accurate but this week’s latest from YouGov had Labour at 425 seats, Cons 108, LDs 67, SNP 20, Reform 5, Greens / PC 2. It would have to be some surprise for Labour to screw that up!

          If there’s a surprise ahead possibly it’s seeing the LDs ovetake the Cons to become the Opposition. The Conservatives seem to have given up on this election and their voters don’t want to vote for an obvious loser – I have a suspicion come polling day most won’t feel it’s worth the trip to the polling station.

          • I think the election will once again show the weakness of the FPTP electoral system. Labour on the poll projections are potentially going to win 65% of the seats in the House Commons with something like 41 % of the popular vote. To put that in perspective Jeremy Corbyn lost to Theresa May in 2017 and to Boris Johnson in 2019 with 40% of the popular vote. On the current polling Starmer will potentially win a 200 seat plus majority on the basis of increasing the Labour popular vote by just a few percent.

          • Hugh – that’s a fascinating point.

            It gels with the recent by-elections which haven’t seen Labour gaining any votes – it’s just been Conservative voters not turning out. Now Reform are standing, those Tory voters have an alternative that satisfies them.

            Starmer has ruled out moving to Proportional Representation. It’s worth bearing in mind that a move to PR would give parties like Reform more representation. In 2015, UKIP had 12+% of the popular vote and gained only 1 seat. It’s easy to see how the fearmongerers would use a stat like that to try and prevent PR. But on balance, I’d say FPTP needs to go.

          • Interesting to see how this Ingress chart connects with the UK 1801, and the Representation of the People Act, 30 July 1948. UK chart is about to have a Mars Return, and the Nodes for RPA are 9 Taurus. Financial security and concerns about future tax rises are part of this election – with much left undiscussed and potentially much being hidden.

            Jupiter in the RPA is 19 Sagittarius, ever optimistic. UK Mercury 17 Sagittarius, Ingress Moon 15 Sagittarius. A kind of longing for freedom, but if things get twisted then there’s self-righteousness too? Ingress Pluto opposes UK Leo Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. Intense.

            RPA’s Chiron aligns with UK Neptune at 18 Scorpio, trining the UK Cancer Moon, 19 Cancer and with tr Saturn at 19 Pisces for the Ingress. With Saturn ruling the Ingress ascendant, it feels like quite a muddy and difficult atmosphere. An outlet for emotions is needed. Confusion about boundaries – from constituencies to border control – could be part of this too.

            Also, considering legislation etc, Saturn for the RPA is 23 Leo. So it was granted Royal Assent on a Saturn Return for the UK with it’s 23 Leo Saturn in the 11th House, representing ‘the people’ to an extent? Uranus in transit’s current challenge to that Saturn has yet to upend it. But perhaps the chaos we’ve seen is connected with the Uranus transit. Doubtless, more chaos to come….

        • Oh god, I hope this isn’t pointing to a bigger vote for Reform: who are full of lies and bigotry, fooling the people even more, and encouraging the politics of hate. Neptune at 29 of Pisces conjunct Scheat: has it finished with us quite yet?

    • @ HF The FPTP system is now an anachronism, ditto a hereditary upper chamber, although the Lords do have good purpose. I am intrigued by your comment re sending a message to foreigners, though with a heavy Cancer signature this election does have an inward feel.

      • Probably that statement was a bit simplistic as the 7th house covers foreign affairs, treaties, international treaties in mundane astrology as well as open enemies. The Pluto Mercury opposition has a potentially sinister aspect covering propaganda, mind control, threats and intimidation. I note that the war drums are beating ever louder in politics and the media at the moment even though the evidence is the people as a whole have little enthusiasm for involvement in international conflicts. The close of poll election chart with the Moon in Domicile in Cancer suggests the people have domestic issues such as their home life, health, work and children as their primary concern. I think any politician who wants to mobilise the population behind any involvement in iverseas adventures is going to experience resistance

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