Strasbourg shooter – from crime to deadly faith



Another gangster-jihadist shooting in Strasbourg, France at the Christmas market on Tuesday left three dead, with a fourth brain-dead, and 12 more injured, several seriously.

The shooter Chérif Chekatt, 4 February 1989 Strasbourg, has not yet been captured. He was born into a poor immigrant family with Moroccan roots, graduated from petty crime to drug dealing and robbery. By the time he was 29 he had 27 convictions on his sheet and became radicalized in prison; and was on an Islamist terrorist watch list.

He is a Sun Aquarius square a formidably ruthless Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto – ego-centric, obstinate, drawn to a cause, driven and controlling; with his Mars trine the highly-strung and chaotic Neptune, Saturn Uranus triple conjunction in Capricorn – hard-edged, explosive, uncompromising. His Jupiter in Taurus is conjunct the destructive Fixed Star Algol.

It’s a strong chart which had he been born into better circumstances and made different choices could have given him a decent life.

His can-be-dictatorial 5H is heavily aspected, tough, bleak, adventurous; and his 9H – what brings him pleasure – is violent.

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  1. Marjorie,

    Chérif Chekatt has been shot and is now dead. I’m glad; Chérif Chekatt deserved to die. He was a useless lowlife religious fanatic.

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