EU – jolted and jangled every which way ahead



A recap on EU’s astro-state of play as they face myriad problems – Italy’s bolshie populist government facing down Brussels economic strictures heads the list; Macron, the shining hope for the future with Merkel fading, is beset with domestic woes and about to do damage to France’s deficit by buying off the ‘yellow vests’ and not pushing ahead with reforms; plus problems with Hungary, Poland – and an economic system ill-designed to cope with a recession which is heavily forecast. Brexit is a minor irritation tho’ a hard exit which robbed them of many billions would hurt. Plus elections coming in May which may not go the way the technocrats would like.

Most notable is the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the EU 2nd house Neptune, exact in six months’ time, though likely in effect before then – financial confusion and devastation, grievous loss, perhaps scandals.

The other Solar Arc to watch for is the SA Midheaven conjunct the 12th house Pluto exact in a year’s time – which will be challenging, bring a major power struggle, perhaps the technocrats (secretive, unelected, 12th house) versus politicos –  and perhaps drag dirty dealings out into the open. This is especially likely since the 12th house Pluto is in a ruthless square to Mars.

The EU chart is aggravated exactly now being landed with Theresa May on a hopeless boomerang trip; and confused with a teeth-gritting slog through 2019. Tr Uranus will start to severely shake the EU’s very inflexible Fixed Grand Cross from mid May 2019 which will affect its finances, economic prospects and future plans. By 2020/21 the sh** will really hit the fan with tr Uranus in hard aspect to the financial 8th house Moon, and the 11th house Uranus. And tr Neptune in 2020/21 will be square the 3rd house Saturn for high uncertainty, muddles and paranoia.

The European Central Bank (ECB) chart, 1 January 1999, also shows 2020/21 as a time of maximum jeopardy with Solar Arc Mars square the ECB Uranus; and tr Uranus square the Uranus. It’s under pressure now and for the next several years with tr Pluto just off the square to its Mars, and moving in hard aspect to the Mars/Saturn midpoint for a crisis-ridden 2019/2020; with worse to follow up to 2023 as tr Pluto is conjunct the financial Venus and then square the 8th house Saturn. It’ll keep up a bullish front on 2019/2020 with tr Pluto sextile Jupiter but it’s not enough to offset the rest.

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  1. Yanis Varoufakis in this morning’s Guardian – admittedly jaundiced about the EU, but makes a salient point or two about both Macron and May.
    ‘Since his election, the French president has attempted a two-phase strategy: “Germanise” France’s labour market and national budget (essentially making it easier for employers to fire workers while ushering in additional austerity) so that, in the second phase, he might convince Angela Merkel to persuade the German political class to sign up to his minimalist eurozone reform agenda. It was a spectacular miscalculation – perhaps greater than Theresa May’s error in accepting the EU’s two-phase approach to Brexit negotiations.
    When Berlin gets what it wants in the first phase of any negotiation, German chancellors then prove either unwilling or incapable of conceding anything of substance in the second phase. Thus, just like May ending up with nothing tangible in the second phase (the political declaration) by which to compensate her constituents for everything she gave up in the first phase (the withdrawal agreement), so Macron saw his eurozone reform agenda evaporate once he had attempted to Germanise France’s labour and national budget. The subsequent fall from grace, at the hands of the offspring of his austerity drive – the gilets jaunes movement – was inevitable.’

  2. Marjorie – I’ve read interpretations from other professional astrologers which predict a “WTO plus” exit in December 2019. Are you seeing anything in that regard? Thanks – GB

      • Marjorie, in the link above, one of the commentators (search on the page for “Phitio”) has suggested a possible breakup of the EU, led by, of all countries, Germany. I know that there are concerns about Germany being very strict with the economic aspects of the EU, thus damaging the southern economies (Greece, Italy, possibly France). Given the impact of such a rift on the Euro, now one of the reserve currencies around the world, that would dwarf Brexit in scale. Do you see anything in the charts about a conflict between Germany and the EU?

        Giordano Bruno, I see nothing about a WTO-plus deal in December 2019 in the article you have linked to above. Can you post a link to the article referencing that?

  3. “Recession risk leaves EU acutely vulnerable to a British Brexit walk-out.
    Britain’s economy has grown faster than the eurozone over the last eight months.
    Euroland is in a very precarious situation. It has no monetary defences against another downturn. Interest rates are already minus 0.4pc.
    If there were a full rupture in EU-UK trade and financial flows along the lines painted by the Bank of England in its disaster scenario, this would have instant and shattering consequences for France
    The wings of the Airbus jets assembled in Toulouse are made in Wales, and cannot instantly be made elsewhere. Airbus said it would lose €1bn a week in hard Brexit crisis. The company would inevitably have to shut down operations in France where it employs 65,000 people directly and through subsidiaries if the EU actually imposed the sort of blockade threatened by some in Brussels.”

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