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Stephen Hawking the theoretical physicist and cosmologist who became one of the best-known scientists in the world has died. He suffered from a rare, early onset variety of Lou Gehrig’s disease but despite loss of physical functions and his voice he continued working till the end. His fame came from his work tying Einstein’s theory of gravity and relativity, with quantum mechanics. He was fascinated by black holes that could boil themselves out of existence, and equations that described the entire history of the Universe.

Born 8 January 1942, he had a very earthy, practical and ambitious chart with a Capricorn Sun and Mercury in an Earth Grand Trine to Saturn Uranus in Taurus trine North Node, Moon and Neptune in Virgo. An over-weighting of earth is supposed to lead to a limited imagination but clearly not in his case with the inspirational Uranus trine Neptune, often associated with ‘eureka’ moments. His Mercury was in a deep-thinking opposition to Pluto, as well as being trine Neptune and Uranus. It forms a wide Kite with influential Pluto being the driving planet.

His 13th Harmonic – genius, breaking with the orthodox – was exceptionally well-aspected; as was his creative, get-it-together 5H. His 12H associated with sacrifice and healing was also strong.


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  1. I was just reading a fascinating story about his background. His Scottish mother, from Glasgow, had a massive impact on his education and interest in astronomy. Seemingly when she was pregnant with him she popped into a bookshop and bought a book on astronomy for no particular reason. As he was growing up they’d sit in the back garden at night gazing at the stars and she knew from an early age, between one thing and another, that he’d go far. From all accounts he got his sheer determination, optimism and great sense of humour from her too. Behind every great man …. and all of that …

  2. He added his great intellectual and moral authority to the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions ( BDS) campaign against Israel too. An amazing man

  3. What a man! Working on behalf of us all right up until the end.

    ‘Stephen Hawking to take Hunt to court over NHS.’

    ‘A group of campaigners, including Prof Stephen Hawking (January 2018), has been given permission to challenge a government health policy in the High Court.’…

    RIP Mr Hawking.

    Condolences to your loved ones, family and friends.

  4. Someone who had been working with him was on the radio this evening talking about his enormous joie de vivre, which I can imagine he would have to have to sustain a life like he’s had, and that Hawking could be a lot of fun (including some adventures the interviewee said he couldn’t discuss on the air!). Where is that in the chart? The imaginative Neptune and unconventional Uranus?

    • Bucketloads of earth, can be sensual and indulgent. Plus an ‘experimental’ Venus in Aquarius square Uranus and indeed Saturn.

  5. What an incredible man, it’s astonishing what he accomplished in one lifetime, not just with intelligence but with mental strength, most people couldn’t overcome such a debilitating illness & make their make in history.

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