Starmer Cabinet -will it stand the test of time?

Keir Starmer’s Cabinet comprises a record 11 women as befits a chart with a 10th house Moon – reflecting the UK’s 10th house Cancer Moon with its history of notable female monarchs Elizabeth 1 & 11, and Victoria.

 Rachel Reeves, 13 February 1979, comes in as Chancellor, with her Jupiter in Leo getting a boost now and until late 2025 from tr Pluto in opposition. Her Aquarius Sun, Mercury and Mars trine Pluto, sextile Neptune make her super-ambitious and very determined. She will have her hands full with the economy in a precarious state and difficult options lying ahead including tax increases to pay for improved social services. Her Aquarius Sun and Mercury will be rattled by tr Uranus in square this year and next; with a nervy slog through this year from tr Pluto leaning on two Saturn midpoints; and worse after Uranus moves into Gemini from mid 2025 onwards.

 Her relationship to Starmer is up and down at the best of times and more stressed over this New Year into early 2025 and seriously jangled from mid 2025 thereafter. They are very tied together so their respective fates will be fairly intertwined.

Wes Streeting, 21 January 1983, Health, is a Sun Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in final degree Libra, sextile Neptune; with his Saturn Pluto trine Mars. Hugely determined, ambitious – with a strong Neptune. He will bring an enthusiastic optimism to the NHS though with a few setbacks along the way. His relationship with Starmer is, like Reeves, tied together with a composite yod – and will be OK bar a few blips until 2026 when it runs into major headaches.

David Lammy, 19 July 1972, Foreign Secretary, is a Sun Cancer trine Neptune, sextile Pluto; with Venus Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus and an outspoken Mars Mercury in Leo. The September Lunar Eclipse will catch his Pluto for a test of his influence. His confidence will be undermined as tr Neptune Saturn in Aries squares his Jupiter through 2025/26; with major frustrations 2026/27 as tr Pluto catches two of his Mars midpoints. His relationship with Starmer will be marginally distanced with a minor tug of war in 2025/26.

Yvette Cooper, 20 March 1969, Home Secretary, a final degree Sun Pisces (or Aries)  opposition Pluto and trine Neptune with Venus Saturn in Aries on the focal point of a yod. Plus an adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Libra. A toughie, not always empathetic.  Upbeat with the changes in her life this year and next; though tr Neptune conjunct her Sun will make for a swampy start. On edge in 2025 with tr Uranus opposition her Neptune with her confidence sagging as tr Neptune Saturn square her Sun/Jupiter midpoints; more road-blocked in 2026.

Angela Rayner, 28 March 1980, Deputy Prime Minister, is an Aries Sun with a Fixed Grand Cross of Mars in Leo North Node opposition South Node square Venus opposition Uranus – an odd mix of overly excitable and incredibly fixed. Her Uranus, Mars and Venus will be rattled by tr Uranus in hard aspect until early 2026. Her relationship with Starmer will be frustrating this year and next with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars; with more irritations mid 2025 onwards. Not the happiest combination.

  This is only a quick skip through and my impression is that after mid 2025 the problems and tensions start to rise with 2026/27 being high stress and blocked.

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  1. Does anyone else think that Angela Rayner could have Aries on the Ascendent given her red hair and strong personality?

  2. Re Wes Streeting, Marjorie writes:
    “Hugely determined, ambitious – with a strong Neptune. He will bring an enthusiastic optimism to the NHS though with a few setbacks along the way”

    I noticed it was the NHS ‘birthday’ on 5th July, which could be significant for the new government in some way?
    The NHS’ mutable planets have been seriously Neptuned-out for a while, and there’s still a swampy way to go. It will have the October Solar eclipse in Libra conjunct its own Neptune which may bring a review of legal matters, and hopefully the role and treatment of women both as patients and female medical professionals.

    Wes Streeting himself has Neptune 27 Sagittarius, right opposite the NHS Uranus 27 Gemini and Mercury, 28 Gemini. His ideals and ideas may clash with what the NHS believes itself to be? NHS ascendant is 28 Virgo, MC 28 Gemini. there’s Wes Streeting’s Neptune right at the IC or root of the organisation. Tr Neptune remains around the NHS descendant, both alliances and open enemies are highlighted – or drowning?!

    Then March 2025 brings a Lunar Eclipse at 23 Virgo conjunct NHS ‘surgery’ Mars square Moon 23 Gemini, some anger there? That eclipse opposes Saturn in Pisces, so slipping and sliding in attempts to change the structure? The sometimes almost religious feelings the NHS provokes may be in evidence. Although steely pragmatism is required, and most certainly reform and a forensic look at much of the waste, communication problems, and probably the mad IT systems (Gemini) too.

    • And just (sort of) for fun – two obvious times of turmoil in Britain, 1066 and Henry VIII (7th July 1491 Greg.) connect via mutable signs with both Wes Streeting, and the NHS. Spookily, WS has Neptune 27 Sagittarius, while Henry VIII has Neptune 25 Sagittarius. Streeting’s Pluto, 29 Libra – Henry’s Pluto 29 Libra. Henry’s Virgo Mars square Jupiter opposition Neptune, NHS Jupiter opposition Uranus (plus Moon, Mercury, Venus) square Mars in Virgo. The outlet for those t-squares is Pisces. The 1066 chart has Moon (the people) at 29 Pisces, square Uranus, 28 Sagittarius – an upheaval for the people. Henry’s Neptune hints at the religious revolution he triggered, perhaps along with all the destruction and violence that entailed in the overblown t-square.
      We’re seeing a lot of Henry’s wives just now, via popular entertainment and an exhibition. I just wonder what his ghost chart might be telling us.

      • I feel really bad for Henry VIII. Everybody talks about his wives. Nobody talks about his parents.

        His parents, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, were the offspring of the opposing sides of the War of the Roses, and were originally married as a political compromise, to seal the peace between the Lancastrians (Henry VII) and Yorkists (Elizabeth of York). Coincidentally, the marriage was arranged by Henry VIII’s formidable grandmothers, Lady Margaret Beaufort (mother of Henry VII, lived to see the coronation of Henry VIII, buried in Lady’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey) and Elizabeth Woodville (the last non-royal Queen of England till the modern era. Edward IV married her for love).

        Unusually for that time, the political alliance resulted in the couple actually falling in love and Henry VII was one of teh few kings of the time not to have a mistress. There is a very moving painting of Henry VII receiving a book from Erasmus (the Dutch philosopher who tutored Henry VIII as a child), while in the background young Henry is crying on the bed of his mother who had recently died. I’m sure you’ll find it online with a Google Image search.

        The War of the Roses, which concluded with the marriage of Henry VIII’s parents, was the result of Edward III not having any direct male line descendants and of various claimants claiming the Throne through the female lines. We may take for granted that women can ascend the Throne, but in English history before Henry VIII, the only two times it was tried, it had led to civil War, the Anarchy of the 12th century (between King Stephen and Empress Matilda, daughter of Henry I) and the War of the Roses.

        It is knowing this history that Henry VIII wanted a son so badly. Keep in mind that he had no brothers with heirs either, which meant that if there were no sons, the entire political compromise that was the Tudor dynasty would unravel and the War of the Roses could start again. We know in hindsight that that was not the case, but to Henry VIII, not only was the War of the Roses within living memory of his parents, he knew that he was the result of a peace treaty that needed to be maintained.

        Apologies for the segue into English history. Marjorie, Jane, Martha, Hugh (Fowler), I’d love to know if you have looked at the charts of people involved in the War of the Roses like Henry VII, Lady Margaret Beaufort, and perhaps even Elizabeth Woodville.

          • Thanks for the segue UM! Sadly, there’s no birth date for Elizabeth Woodville – an extraordinary woman. Not sure if the Wars of Roses connect with current times, although somewhere along the line they probably do. Certainly powerful women were prominent at that time, as they will be in Starmer’s cabinet. Somewhat depressing to think that Elizabeth Woodville was accused of using witchcraft to make Edward fall in love with her – the marriage coming about, apparently:
            ” “by Sorcerie and Wichecrafte, committed by the said Elizabeth, and her Moder Jaquett Duchess of Bedford”. (from an English Parliament proclamation, 1484)

            We’re still inclined to accuse women of using their influence to cause men to do things we dislike. Carrie Johnson, for example, was credited with undue influence. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find one of the new female cabinet labelled ‘a witch’ at some point in the future….

    • Streeting and Reeves’ charts are very connected to the Labour Party’s chart. I personally cannot see Streeting drastically changing the NHS. His Venus loves the cause. Reeves is also deeply entrenched in the Labour movement. Starmer has two very strong committed people in his Cabinet. Perhaps not yielding to flexible outcomes? . Or perhaps this is why he chose them? Streeting is the one to watch in my view. Especially with women’s issues. He is a very committed young man in what he believes in.

    • indeed his tobacco and vapes bill will go in the kings speech in sept, followed by policies on obesity and a war on sick notes. i think he will be a very radical health minister. he will hopefully strongly tackle drinking which is at the root of most societal ills.

  3. Streeting has his Sun\Mars midpoint on his Lilith\Venus midpoint in Aquarius. Not good for women then. Or women will not like him. That is some combination of midpoints. You can see why he was a Stonewall activist, I am not sure he will change with this combination. Interestingly, he also has Moon in Aries, which may also feed his Suns\Mars midpoint. Saturn in Scorpio trines his Mars in Pisces, with it it’s midpoint on his NN. Very determined in his own way. He will champion the groups he likes.

    • Streeting also has transiting Pluto returning to square his Natal Pluto in Libra this Autumn. His natal Pluto in Libra is also conjunct his Saturn in Scorpio – a combination of air and water – mist or deception? His Aquarian Venus sextile Chiron in Taurus is another indication of Aquarius going the opposite way to the females in his life. I am not sure about Mercury in Capricorn trine Chiron in Taurus – whether their will be robust discussions about old wounds that never heal (NHS), or he will become too grounded in his beliefs.

      • Pluto in libra conjunct out of sign saturn in scorpio is something a portion of us in that generation have to live with. I don’t see it as mist or deception just beware or overconfident, taking too much and burning out and not boasting or you will surely fall. At this age, hope WS had learnt to divide and conquer all the things he set out to do.

        • Also to add Pluto in Libra tends to be fascinated with legal stuff and WS has Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune in Sagittarius whatever he pushes or tries to change it will be via legislation. I always personally feel if you want to understand how Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune in Sagittarius will be to read Marjorie’s old post on the Switzerland ‘s Exit Group

    • I don’t see how you can conclude that Starmer is not good for women, from those interpretations. Surely a combination of the energies gives more energy? Also there are so many women cabinet ministers – you might care to listen to Starmer’s speech on this in the last couple of days.

      • I think it will all depend on whether he goes ahead with Labour’s proposed reform of the GRA 2004, where they want to make it easier and simpler for people to change their legal gender.
        Starmer has said just before election that women only spaces will be protected. I don’t know how they are going to ban men with GRC from entering women’s only spaces, because it would be illegal within the current Equality Act.
        I think people are right in being sceptical about what starmer says because he has made lots of promises but hasn’t revealed plans of how to practically achieve them.

      • I think it will all depend on whether he goes ahead with Labour’s proposed reform of the GRA 2004, where they want to make it easier and simpler for people to change their legal gender.
        Starmer has said just before election that women only spaces will be protected. I don’t know how they are going to ban men with GRC from entering women’s only spaces, because it would be illegal within the current Equality Act.
        I think people are right in being sceptical about what starmer says because he has made lots of promises but hasn’t revealed plans of how to practically achieve them.

      • It is interesting to see his Cabinet’s planetary interaction within his team. As this will obviously play into vital decisions being made with our Laws. Just read a very interesting article in the New Scientist; asking “if the Universe is a game”? Within that article it mentions that 2.500 years ago a game was invented by the Sumerian’s, which included the then five known planets and the twelve astrological signs. Although the article was based on strategic logic within games. It also encapsulates our Astrological Charts, along with our own logic, in which we, as individual grapple with the game of outwitting what we are presented with, by the way of planetary energies. It is timely argument for astrologers. As the power given to our new Political authority, may pit them against the Universal Law, which is based on a positive and negative- masculine and feminine, or either/or. Starmer has indicated that he wishes to give self certification to men and women, who wish to be the opposite sex to what the were born with. This is a complex situation on a number of fronts. . I see him with a lawyers mind, adapting to a political game. We all know DNA exists, along with specific chromosomes for male and females. Often there will be some scientist attempting to outwit the natural law, now we have politicians? Both Men and Women have a right to question the wisdom of attempting to change this aged Universal Law. If indeed we can.


        • There is a cult film called the 13th Floor, made in the late 1990’s. It is a computer game, where people enter to play against the characters in the game. Yet in the end they realise they are in a game themselves. Quite profound. As Astrology is all about why our Universe and Solar system has order, with a planetary alignment. Which places individuals in problematical situations – which they have to solve.

          • I’ve heard of 13th Floor – it’s interesting that it came out the same year as The Matrix – both have the premise that we live in a world that isn’t what we think it is. Neptune had just moved into Aquarius the year before which I think is probably what was driving that as a zeitgeist.

            Noting also the Wachowskis, who directed The Matrix, have both transitioned from male to female and when the recent 4th film came out said that the first film was as much an allusion to being trans as all the religious symbolism and world inside a world.

  4. Oof, Yvette Cooper’s transits, that Neptune hovering across Sun and NN in 2025, to be joined by Saturn, and then Chiron slowly crunching over Saturn /Venus /Moon. Mind, she has a tough gig as Home Sec.

    • There’s a reason that the Home Office is considered the graveyard of political careers. It is a very difficult role.

  5. I am sticking my neck out again, attempting to do midpoints in my head. Yet I thought I would look at David Lammy’s Jupiter/Sun midpoint and it looks to me that it is in conjunct his Uranus, which is sextile his Mars. Mars Leo /Fire, Jupiter in Capricorn Earth, Uranus/Air . Wanting quick solutions to happen in foreign affairs? Saturn is also sextile his Mars, trine his Uranus – there may be a tussle with him wishing to go his own way and compromising with other authorities? He will have to learn to balance his inclination to be forceful. For a Foreign Secretary, expect the unexpected. I also looked at his Mercury /Midpoint. Which is circa 26 degrees of Libra squaring his Sun/Moon Nodes. I wonder if this is an omen for foreign politics out of balance with our politics, and he will be dealing with people not on the same page?

  6. Below is the link to the Starmer 2024 government chart. According to Rex Bills,
    cabinet members & officers are ruled by Jupiter & Sun. Moon Cancer, r10, conj Sun
    gives many women in this cabinet. Jupiter, also rules the members and is in the 9th
    of foreign affairs. True BML trines Jupiter….the cabinet will experience personal growth
    and turn the dark energy of Lilith into and opportunity re 9th H matters. Venus, R2,
    coruler of the 9th H however is trine Chiron. Self-worth, relationships may suffer.
    Mean BML is at the Aries Pt in 12th trine Pluto….”dark feminine power…the women
    in the cabinet may create financial breakthroughs.”
    Cabinets of Presidents or Prime Ministers are ruled by Scorpio & the 8th House,
    ruled by Venus, here trine Saturn in the 6th H…members possess good business acumen.
    Scandal may rear its ugly head as Neptune opposes Mean BML in the 12th House.
    Click on the link below for Starmer’s New Gov’t chart. Click magnifier to enlarge.

  7. There’s a student of Hamaker who is very anti-EU and, it seems, pro-Farage (who had Sun of the start of the election on his MC, she notices) and who wrote the following on one astrology message board:

    “I have no idea what a ‘draconic comparison’ is…. but could we not just interpret the horoscope of this government?
    Saturn in the house of the NHS is not good!!
    Neptune conjunct cusp 7 promises, to say the least, that this government is gullible and at high risk of being cheated.
    Mars conjunct Uranus in the house of banks and loans…
    I would immediately take my savings away from the bank and put them in an old sock!
    Jupiter in 9 how many more immigrants can you take in as a country?”

    She also notices I think of Farage:

    “Look at sec pr Jupiter trine Pluto = long time and power.”

  8. Looks like more of the same.

    I should take a peek at the 1927 chart, to see the curve of sums when several aspects in transit will come together for an indication of active times and periods.

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