South Africa – winds of change still blowing

Post-apartheid South Africa took a small step towards fulfilling Nelson Mandela’s hope for a corruption-free country when former president Jacob Zuma handed himself into the police. He had been charged with contempt of court after repeatedly refusing to appear before a commission looking at allegations of corruption against him, involving dealings with a criminal syndicate run by the Gupta family; as well as a separate arms deal. He denies any wrongdoing, ‘despite the mounds of evidence’.

  His successor, Cyril Ramaphosa, wants to be the face of a clean ANC, but has already had to sideline his health minister for diverting Covid-19 communications funds to cronies. At present South Africa is far behind its vaccination targets; has a corrupt and mismanaged state electricity provider; a passenger rail system barely functions; and a criminal justice system that was seriously damaged by Zuma and his cronies. Ways to go.

  Both the South Africa 1910 and 1994 charts have Uranus in Capricorn at almost the same degree picking up the tr Pluto conjunction this year – so the pressure for change has met its moment. And the 1994 chart in particular will feel the effects of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse late this November and the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses in 2022 all triggering the Moon Pluto North Node in last decan Scorpio as well as the Taurus Sun Mercury. Crisis and the challenge of change will dance hand in hand through till 2023.

  Even the 1910 chart with its late Taurus North Node will be at a critical turning point as it runs into a Nodal Return from early 2022.

  Jacob Zuma, 12 April 1942, is an Aries with an adventurous/opportunistic Mars Jupiter in Gemini and a heavyweight Saturn Uranus in Taurus trine Neptune. Both his Term charts had marked Mars square Pluto aspects which always indicates ruthless control-freakery if not downright criminal behaviour; strong Jupiters for confidence and emphasised Neptune for slippery evasiveness. He won’t enjoy the next three years especially 2023 when he runs into the buffers.

  His Saturn Uranus in Taurus is conjunct the South Africa 1994 South Node and opposition the SAfrica Pluto Moon so his acquisitive Taurus proclivities would run him counter to the needs of the people; though his Sun conjunct the South Africa Midheaven would pitch him high for a while.

  Cyril Ramaphosa, 17 November 1952, is a New Moon in Scorpio square Pluto; with Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus and square Neptune Saturn in Libra. If he fights on the side of justice he has considerable heft and perseverance. Though he will be volatile and given to impulsive, reckless decisions, disregarding advice.  He’s trapped and frustrated this year and next with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars, with the Eclipses from this November onwards for two years rattling his Scorpio Sun Moon. Tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter exactly now and repeating into early 2022 will give him good news.

  His Term chart, 25 May 2019 11.30am has been labouring against tr Neptune dashing optimism in square to Jupiter; the Eclipses rattling the Gemini Sun Mercury until early 2022; and a dead-halt Saturn Pluto conjunction, closed to exact by Solar Arc later this year. It’ll be an uphill struggle to make progress.

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