South Africa – paying the price of a lost decade


Upsetting figures pointing to a shrinking economy made South Africa President Cyril Ramphosa’s pledge to root out corruption and revive private and state industry a faint hope. He took over in May after a disastrous decade rife with mismanagement and corruption under Jacob Zuma with the ANC’s majority heavily dented. About half of South Africa’s population live below the poverty line, with unemployment nearing 28%. The nation’s income inequality ranks among the highest on earth.

The modern South Africa 27 April 1994 11am chart hints at a nerve-stretched and sticky few years ahead with some ups and more downs. Tr Uranus will conjunct the Taurus Sun from this July, on and off for a year, which can be unsettling though also liberating if a new path is chosen and tr Uranus goes on to square the Sun/Jupiter midpoint and oppose the South Africa Jupiter in 2020 into 2021 which could bring good lucky and fortunate turns of circumstance. But there’s also a devastatingly confused tr Pluto conjunct Neptune in 2019/2020; and then considerable upheaval from tr Pluto conjunct the South Africa Uranus which could also bring civil unrest. Plus a shock collision from Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Sun in late 2021.

This mirrors the SA 31 May 1910 older chart which indicates a considerable blockage by late 2021; with following that there seems to be better luck.

It was always going to be an uphill struggle for Ramaphosa who is facing resistance from rival and corrupt factions intent on hanging onto the old Zuma days. He took over on 25 May 2019 at 11.30 am with the deprived/hardship Saturn Pluto in place and a less than inspiring Neptune in the 8th house of business finances.   He is an ultra-determined New Moon in Scorpio square Pluto but has a hair-raisingly difficult series of Pluto transits in hard aspect to his Neptune, Saturn and then Mars in Capricorn between now and 2023.

It’ll almost certainly defeat him but with some luck what follows might make a real difference.

3 thoughts on “South Africa – paying the price of a lost decade

  1. South African native Elon Musk could provide a boost in the form of manufacturing in the solar, car and rocket sector if SA ever gets a grip on the political situation. But not the way it has been and continues to be now. It would be very dangerous for the people that are needed to get it started. Very sad and discouraging that the country is in such turmoil that a native son cannot risk people’s lives to help out.

    Glad to see that astrologically SA will have better times coming. When that happens, SA will attract interest from those who can help jump-start the economy.

  2. An entrepreneur friend of mine, originally from Soweto owns a small business in Gauteng Province and is doing really well, though he is one of the most driven people I’ve ever met. He tells me he has to switch off from the country’s political and economic woes in order to mentally keep going.

    Zuma was utterly dreadful for the country.

    • Yes he was, but I fear the rot in the ANC is too deep and beyond repair at this point. Would love to see a look at the ANC, Ramaphosa & SA.

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