Keanu Reeves – a complicated life


Keanu Reeves has been out and about squiring his artist lady Alexandra Grant, promoting a video game he voiced, and basking in the success of the John Wicks and Toy Story franchise movies.

He’s had his ups and downs but has been in work fairly constantly since he was twenty in everything from comedy to Matrix blockbusters to serious; with stage work as well.

He’s a Canadian-American, born 2 September 1964 5.41 am Beirut Lebanon to an English mother and a Chinese Hawaiian father who was imprisoned for dealing heroin. He had a fractured and peripatetic childhood through his mother’s four subsequent marriages after his father abandoned the family when he was three, living in Australia, New York and Toronto. In his twenties his girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn baby and was killed herself later in a car accident, so he hasn’t had an easy adult life either.

He has a 12th house Virgo Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, with Pluto Uranus conjunct his Ascendant – so definitely a rebel but also quite retiring, preferring to stay off the fame circuit. His Sun Mercury oppose Saturn in Pisces in the hard-working 6th so he will have a downbeat side to his personality. Balancing that he has a friendly and enthusiastic 11th house Cancer Moon Mars Venus; with his Moon trine Neptune, sextile Pluto – well tuned into public taste. Jupiter in indulgent Taurus in the 9th points to an interest in travel and alternative cultures. It’s an exclusively Water Earth chart giving him great inner strength and determination to withstand calamities, as well as a serious, self-protective streak.

Although always regarded as an enduring bankable star, his career ground to a halt in 2008 after a flop blockbuster, The Day the Earth Stood Still. He said in an interview:  ” I call that The Day my Career Stood Still. I kind of went to Studio Movie Jail.” What’s interesting astrologically is that was when tr Saturn crossed his Ascendant and disappeared into her low-profile first quadrant, often a less successful time. As tr Saturn neared the end of this seven year phase he got his mojo back in John Wicks.

Tr Neptune has been opposing his four Virgo planets for the last couple of years which he’ll be pleased to see the back of. Tr Pluto has also been opposing his Mars through 2018/19 which will have brought its share of frustrations. But since his Mars is conjunct Venus it will also have been  intensifying his emotions and that runs through 2020 as well. Though whether he settles to a commitment may be questionable with tr Neptune now moving through his 7th for a few years ahead which can be indecisive about relationships, though having an artist girlfriend will help.

There is a good deal of Jupiterian luck and success coming his way from 2021 onwards for several years with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter and his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Mars and Venus.

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  1. His natal chart is fascinating. In lesser hands, it could be misunderstood as a loner who has all kinds of restrictive illnesses. Even the axis of Neptune/Jupiter is deceptively discouraging as it could be interpreted as a very wide opposition, but it actually lifts him out of the ordinary and frees him—through his travels—from much unhappiness. Mars/Venus conjunction has a traditional meaning of the “It Factor”, or, more crudely put, a sexually attractive person.

  2. Thanks for your posts Marjorie, Keanu’s only a few days younger than me, so I found that doubly interesting!

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