Solar Eclipse Aug 11th with a supernatural flavour



Two Eclipses down, one to go, a partial Solar Eclipse on 11th August at 18 degrees Leo. In a Saros Series Bernadette Brady ascribes to transformation and rebuilding, though it can start with a collapse of old plans.

What’s most notable is that the New Moon is on the apex of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune and exactly in opposition to the Neptune/Pluto midpoint. This will give a supernatural tinge to events and feelings, with clairvoyant or mystical visions; and/or bring confusion, fantasies, falsehoods and strange obsessions. Neptune Pluto can be scandal-prone, induces megalomania in some, especially with an apex Sun. Venus square Saturn is also in minor aspect to Neptune/Pluto. Be interesting to see what all of this throws up.

The Eclipsed New Moon is also square Jupiter – expansive, promises more than can deliver, over-confident.

The explosive and disruptive Mars, North Node, Uranus T square is still in place though not in aspect to the Eclipse itself.

Uranus in on the MC located to DC and USA East Coast; and the New Moon is exactly conjunct the MC in Israel.

4 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Aug 11th with a supernatural flavour

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  2. Safe to say we are not done with any of this.After Mars turns direct on August 27 it will reactivate the eclipses of the past year,i including the Great American Eclipse.And Pluto will oppose the June 12/13 2018 solar eclipse for most of 2019.

  3. And I live on the USA East Coast (Florida to be exact). I guess I better brace myself – it looks like this solar eclipse is going to be a roller coaster.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

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