Prince Charles and the Bishop – hypocrisy writ large



The unhappy saga of Bishop Peter Ball has dragged Prince Charles into an unwelcome spotlight. Ball was cautioned in 1993 for indecent assault (which means he gave a clear admission of guilt) on much reduced charges after considerable establishment pressure; and finally pled guilty in 2015 to the abuse of 18 young men for which he was imprisoned.  Charles gave him money and organised a house for him between the two cases and provided, wittingly or otherwise, substantial camouflage in royal approval for his rehabilitation. His original accuser, written off by Ball’s influential friends as a ‘mischief-maker’, committed suicide when the second investigation opened.

Ball was born 14 February 1932 and with his twin brother set up a monastic order that practised an austere form of worship involving naked prayer and flagellation, which he falsely claimed were in the tradition of St Francis of Assisi. He professed to live in near poverty. In reality he loved the high life. Household bills on food and alcohol during his time as Bishop of Gloucester were astronomical and the house was expensively decorated and furnished.

He’s a Sun Mars in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo probably squaring onto an indulgent Taurus Moon.  A Fixed T square especially involving the Moon suggests fixed desires, intense and wilful emotional reactions, obsessive attachment to what is valued and a determined resistance to change. Mars in Aquarius doubles up on the wilfulness and headstrong refusal to stick to the rules. Jupiter in Leo would attract him to a flamboyant lifestyle, mixing with the best people. He boasted frequently of his Royal connections. Mars opposition Jupiter can be opportunistic, a chancer.

His Neptune is unaspected which would prevent him from bringing spiritual insight to his actions.

Ball’s Sun Mars in Aquarius is in conflict with Charles’ Scorpio Sun. But Ball’s Pluto is in C’s 12th and trine his Sun and his Jupiter is conjunct C’s Pluto – Ball controlled Charles partly by boosting his morale and playing to his vanity. Ball’s Uranus is also conjunct Charles’ MC so has the capacity to alter the trajectory of C’s career.

Their relationship chart has a friendly, affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction; with an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus, Mars, Neptune – Mars being under severe pressure at the moment from tr Pluto conjunct.

What chokes me off about these cases is the self-serving gullibility of ‘nice’ people, who drench complainants with hostile disbelief just because the accused gives the appearance of being a pillar of the community. “The most gentle, upright and saintly man”; “a man of immense kindness, charity and humour dedicated to serving God in the community” wrote two of his elevated supporters. Give me a good going bastard any day rather than a hypocrite.

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