Solar Arcs – cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman



This is in no way definitive but a thought to ponder. Solar Arc Directions give a chart which indicates the stage of life an individual or country is at. Sometimes I’ve seen relationships where one person’s Solar Arcs had powerful cross overs with the other’s natal chart, which suggests a link which is significant for that phase of life but may not necessarily hang around for ever.

I wondered if it would helpful in the chawsome business of political prediction. Taking Tony Blair as an example since he has an accurate birth time as has the UK.

When he was elected in a landslide in May 1997 his Solar Arc MC was trine the UK natal MC; with his Solar Arc Jupiter Mars also conjunct the UK’s natal MC in the UK 10th; and his Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct the UK natal Libra Ascendant during his three terms in office, transforming the UK’s image (and not for the better; sorry about that partisan thought.)

Looking at the UK Solar Arc chart for 1997, his natal MC was conjunct the UK Solar Arc MC; with his natal Moon conjunct the UK Solar Arc Jupiter and his North Node conjunct the UK Solar Arc Moon. His natal Saturn Neptune were conjunct the UK’s Solar Arc Descendant. So both he and the country were at a stage where he was, if not the perfect fit, what suited that time.

It seems to work better as Solar Arc to natal; than Solar Arc to Solar Arc for some reason.

At the moment, UK PM Theresa May’s natal Libra Sun is trine the UK’s Solar Arc MC; with her natal Uranus conjunct the UK Solar Arc IC and Sun, as she steers the country through a potentially massive upheaval. The UK’s Fixed Grand Cross has moved by Solar Arc into Mutable signs, which her gung-ho natal Jupiter in Virgo opposition Mars in Pisces chimes into. And her Solar Arc chart now has that Jupiter opposition Mars in Fixed signs, hitting on the UK’s natal Grand Cross.

Donald Trump’s Solar Arc MC is now conjunct the USA’s North Node in Leo; with his Solar Arc Moon in late Aquarius which sits close to the USA natal Aquarius Moon. If a start time for 11am for the USA is sound, then his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct the USA natal IC; and his Solar Arc Saturn Venus are conjunct the USA natal Ascendant – so he’s both a comforting and a dampening force.

On USA 11m again, his natal Taurus MC is conjunct the USA Solar Arc Ascendant and Solar Arc Neptune, so his ambitions and the USA’s image of 2017 mesh. His Pluto is also opposition the USA’s Solar Arc Uranus, hinting at the revolution/disruption his presidency will bring. And his bullishly flamboyant Mars in Leo is conjunct the USA Solar Arc IC, pointing to the aggravation felt in certain quarters.

I could do all the French candidates but that can wait till after Sunday when there’ll be two not four candidates, heading to a run off.

6 thoughts on “Solar Arcs – cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman

  1. Excellent idea to use solar arcs in this way, very interesting.

    I agree, TM is a chancer. The only silver lining to this election is that I knew straight away what to do, there is no difficult decision for me this time. Landslide victories are never good, the last prime minister to get one went a bit mad in my opinion. So tactical it is. If it turns out to be a landslide, at least I know I played no part in it.

    Would reading someone’s astrological analysis change my voting intentions? Of course not. An opinion piece in a newspaper might have some influence, perhaps. Maybe some people are becoming more fervent and deep seated in their political convictions, but I think mostly those people are keyboard warriors frustrated with a biased mainstream media. No tin foil hat is required to see that:

    1. Lord Rothermere, a billionaire living in France, owns the Mail, Mail on Sunday, & the Metro.
    2. Rupert Murdoch, a billionaire living in America, owns the Sun, Sun on Sunday and is the man behind Fox News, BSkyB, News Corp, etc.
    3. Alexander and Evgeny (son) Lebedev, an Ex KGB Russian Billionaire, owns The Independent, Independent on Sunday, & The Evening Standard.
    4. Richard Desmond, a billionaire, owns the Daily Star, Sunday Star, Daily Express, & Sunday Express.
    5. David and Frederick Barclay, billionaire brothers living on a private island near Saark, own the Telegraph, The Spectator, and the Business.

    Those coming across a bit too strongly online are just highly frustrated individuals attempting to provide some ballast through social media. My busy 7th house sympathises, as long as they stay civil and don’t descend into hectoring. Not sure what shouting down someone’s astrological analysis (with no astrological reasoning of your own) achieves.

  2. Am I just getting old? Don’t answer that question. But I don’t remember people getting so uptight in the past about their political idols. All the spitting and vituperation and inability to face the realities. I think Theresa May is an opportunist who got lucky. She made a fair cobblers of various situations when Home Secretary and somehow managed to slide through unscathed. I still don’t buy her switch from tepid Remainer to ‘we must uphold the democratic vote’ for a hard Brexit, which no one voted for, apart from a few nutjobs. So I do view the time ahead with a good deal of trepidation. But the astrology is what it is, like it or lump it.

  3. What a hissy fit. When has Marjorie been pro-Tory in her posts? If she was that blatant and obvious, I would have gone from this website ages ago. She’s pretty impartial when looking at the astrology. I certainly agree with you regarding Blair, I have no positive thing to say really about May, and as I’m from the North, I’m from Labour voting stock majority, and I have to say, Corbyn doesn’t fill me with hope either. In fact I’m sick to death of all politicians who are out only to serve themselves and a party agenda that favours the haves than the have nots. I wish it all could be razed to the ground. If the astrology doesn’t bode well for Corbyn, why should Marjorie put a positive spin on it? To make you feel better? You’re starting to sound like the equivalent of a stereotypical Trump supporter throwing their toys out of the pram because the astrology doesn’t fit with your feelings of hope, so it must be a conspiracy. Let’s face it, they are all bloody awful, really!

  4. Well, more whooping it up for Tories and Democrats? Tony Blair is a War Criminal. He hijacked the Labour Party by pretending to be Labour but he was a Tory. The ‘New Labour’ should have been called ‘New Conservative Party’. Under the subtefuge that we have only just understood this scam, Blair continued Tory privatisation and looting of the schools,looting of the power companies,looting of the infrastructure setting up PFI 600% Interest on public money borrowed at 0% interest by the Corporate Thugs. All done in the name of ‘Labour’ which was Right Wing Tory. Then 6 Million Dead in ‘War on Terror’ and we lose our Civil Liberties as they Militarise the Police on us by False Flags like 9/11. ‘Celebrating’ the sell off of NHS by Theresa May who you are so obviously enthralled with…Where is the celebration that we are being forced into Alex Jones’ ‘Prison Planet’ by these Tory Thugs and they are slowly adding Orwellian shut down of Freedom of Speech and Unions… Mass Emigration of indigenous Middle Class Brits is next…So as your usual Tory Whoopee cushion is in the crystal ball…Why don’t you give Corbyn a positive shout for a change instead of Hammer Horror Therese … She can take Peter Cushings job now he’s dead and she looks dead but it is just her wearing her evil on her face like the rest of the Tory thugs

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