Ilie Nastsase – Moon Mars in full flow


Ilie Nastase, the Romanian former No 1 tennis player in the 1970s has been blotting his copybook with racist remarks about Serena Williams’ pregnancy and letting fly with expletives at the GB v Romania match, where he is Romanian captain, which saw him ordered off court.

Born 19 July 1946 7am Bucharest, he’s got a volatile chart, especially where women are concerned, with an 8th house Pisces Moon opposition Mars in Virgo square Uranus – so tending to explode at the slightest trigger.

Born five weeks after Donald Trump, he’s got a hates-failure Sun Saturn in Cancer square Jupiter; with an exuberant Jupiter trine Uranus, sexiling onto a Leo Ascendant. At the moment his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Jupiter, sending him across the line of decency; with a confused/neurotic Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Neptune. Tr Uranus is within days of being square to his Sun, causing upsets. Tr Pluto will be trine his Mars again in four months’ time which is enraging and is clearly hanging around throughout the year. Tr Pluto is opposition his Solar Arc MC, blocking him; and tr Saturn is in a deflating conjunction to his Solar Arc Jupiter. He should have stayed at home.

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