SNP high hopes running into a deadlock

In Scotland, the SNP are preparing to shake hands with the Greens in a power-sharing deal that will give Nicola Sturgeon a majority after the last election fell short. The seven Green MSPs agreed to most of the government’s policy agenda, including seeking another vote on independence before the end of 2023, and were handed two junior minister roles. It is still to be signed off by the Green party but Sturgeon is robustly claiming it would now be “impossible” for Boris Johnson to ignore her demands for another referendum.

  En passant, since it’s hardly important, the relationship between Sturgeon and both Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, co-Green leaders, will deteriorate fast through 2022/2023 with frustrations and aggravation.

  Nicola Sturgeon’s Term chart, 13 May 2021 9am, has a directionless, lacklustre Neptune on the Midheaven which isn’t helpful plus a controlling Sun trine a 7th house Pluto which will attract hostility and intense arguments. Plus a financially deprived Saturn in the 8th square Uranus – so economic problems will loom large.

 Her personal chart, 10 July 1970 3.15 pm Irvine, Scotland, has been labouring through transiting Neptune’s uncertainty and misjudgements as well as Uranus jolts and arguments; and heavy pressure from tr Pluto opposition her Cancer Sun through 2021. Those continue throughout 2022 though will be joined by tr Pluto square her Jupiter from early 2022 to late 2023 which will give her renewed confidence for a major push. But she will run into a plethora of traps, brick-walls and insurmountable obstacles from March 2022 onwards as tr Pluto opposes her Sun/Mars midpoint for two years plus Neptunian catastrophes from May 2022 onwards. Worse in 2023/24 when tr Pluto squares her Mars – which sounds as if nothing is going her way in the foreseeable future.

 From this November the Lunar Eclipses will start to impact her Neptune in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus and that unnerving effect will roll on throughout next year.

  Into 2023 tr Uranus will square her Midheaven for a change of career direction throwing up problems either with or because of her husband Peter Murrell, CEO of the SNP. He’s also looking logjammed come 2023 to 2025.

10 thoughts on “SNP high hopes running into a deadlock

  1. Thanks for this Marjorie, phew is all I can say, because ironically its a marriage made in hell for democracy. The rightening of the left, and all without seeing it.

  2. Again Neptune is much-maligned. It is the most misunderstood planet. I have Neptune in the 10th. It is not directionless or lacklustre. It is compassionate, humanitarian and inspired by great vision, sensitivity and idealism. But negative aspects can make it confused. Many astrologers are not so inclined.

    • Neptune in transit will square and oppose my Mercury and Moon respectively towards the end of the decade, before moving through my 6th house (and squaring my Sun) from the early 2030s. I’m viewing this period with some trepidation bearing in mind Neptune’s reputation around health.

      • Panic not. I’ve had all of that and more in recent years and am still standing, oddly enough now minus a few bad health habits that got ditched along the way. Regard Neptune as healing.

        • Thanks very much for this, Marjorie.

          The trepidation comes from Uranus following the said same path through Aries 10 years ago, and I got seriously ill. I too am still here and now in a happier place, so will remember this!

          • JB – adding to Marjorie’s comments here. I’ve had Neptune square Moon recently (amongst other more subtle aspects it made) and it worked itself out entirely through events in and around my home. There’ve been a number of leaks – roof, appliances, taps etc. Plus major, lengthy and disruptive works in the street outside involving….. water pipes. As Neptune moved out of orb of the Moon, a (very quiet and secretive) drug dealer also “moved out” of our street. One other I’ve noticed is the sensation of somehow “waking up” after this transit, and sometimes wondering where I’ve been! However, as Marjorie notes, Neptune is helpful for healing, and good for meditation or working with dreams and creative visualisation as well. I think one has to make space for it in some way, and, er, go with the flow.

    • Andre – there is an interesting article about Edward Snowdon (the whistleblower) who has Neptune in Sag opposite his Gemini planets. The author points out that maybe the Neptune makes him selfless rather than deceitful in an era where the zeitgeist can only see people as self-interested and deceitful. My personal experience tends to agree with this interpretation of neptune.

      • Like all planets Neptune has its positive and negative poles.
        John Gacy the US serial killer and sex offender was a New Moon in Pisces opposition Neptune.
        Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death Auschwitz nazi doctor was a Sun Pisces trine Neptune with his Neptune tied into Uranus, Venus and Moon so exceptionally central to his chart.
        The upside of Neptune can be compassionate but the shadow side is cosmically chilling.

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