Sinn Fein advancing – Northern Ireland stuck

Sinn Féin has further established itself as Northern Ireland’s largest party, beating projections to take 144 of the 462 council seats in local elections and securing control of six of the 11 councils. The DUP was beaten into second place though is reckoned not to be down and out. It has been boycotting the  power-sharing government and assembly at Stormont for more than a year with  objections to the Brexit customs border in the Irish Sea and says the Windsor framework, agreed earlier this year to streamline trading rules, does not go far enough.

  The election results do not indicate backing for a referendum on a united Ireland within a decade. Candidates backing Irish reunification won 40.5 per cent of the vote versus 53.1 per cent for those wanting to remain British.

  Sinn Fein, 28 November 1905, has the upbeat and successful tr Pluto trine its Jupiter exactly now and returning next year, though tr Saturn square the Jupiter opposition Sun will damp enthusiasm slightly this year.  2024 looks high tension and unsettled, with discouraging progress in 2025 then a lucky break for positive change by 2026.

  Michelle O’Neill, the leader, 10 January 1977, is on a fortunate roll from this late June on and off into 2024 with tr Uranus conjunct her Jupiter – and in for a considerable challenge in 2024/25 with high confidence and difficulties.

  The DUP, 30 September 1971, is in a minor shambles with a disappointing tr Saturn square its Neptune Jupiter and Saturn this year as well as a stubbornly argumentative tr Pluto tr Mercury; with a disempowering tr Neptune opposition its Pluto in 2024, and a confused Neptune Saturn opposition Mercury in 2025, with an undermining tr Neptune square its Sun by 2027.  Not in a good run.

Their leader, Jeffrey Donaldson, 7 December 1962, is gloomy and jangled this year, confused and devastated in 2024, and jolted in 2025 – so none too happy either.

  The Northern Ireland chart, 7 December 1922 3.28pm, if the start time is accurate, is facing the heavily pressured tr Pluto conjunct its Midheaven this year and next. This suggests a slow grinding change of direction and the realisation of a change of status as well, sometimes with a loss of reputation and prestige. Tr Uranus has already been square the 18 degree Neptune in Leo at the start of this month which did hint at momentous changes ahead.  There will be emotional eruptions and arguments, maybe shocks, in 2024 with tr Uranus opposition the Venus and square the Mars into 2025. Even more than the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland will be a country searching for a direction.  

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