Shinzo Abe – Japan in shock at shooting ++ possible birth time

Shinzo Abe, former prime minister of Japan has died after being shot while giving a campaign speech, which has shocked a country where gun and political violence are rare. He stepped down in 2020 after eight years at the helm for health reasons – ulcerative colitis – an intestinal disorder fittingly for a Virgo Sun. He was known for his hawkish policies on defence and foreign policy, wanted to amend Japan’s pacifist post-war constitution; and pushed for an economic policy built on fiscal stimulus and structural reforms.

  He was born 21 September 1954 Tokyo, Japan and was a late Sun Virgo with the lucky Jupiter Uranus in Cancer of that year which produced many notable successes. His Jupiter squared Neptune which often occurs in the charts of economists. He also had a quietly determined Venus Saturn in Scorpio sextile Mars North Node in Capricorn.

 Tr Pluto was in the final stages of the opposition to his Uranus this year bringing significant change to his life. But more pointedly his Secondary Progressed Mars was exactly opposition his Pluto at the moment. And tr Saturn had just finished a few days back the exact conjunction to his Progressed Mars and opposition his Pluto – which does suggest a high-risk incident.

 Progressed Mars is often prominent for grave accidents when it meets natal Saturn or Pluto in particular; and even natal Sun aspects can feel like a car-crash (metaphorically speaking).

  The Japan chart, 11 February 1889 10.44am Tokyo, indicates panic and shock with tr Neptune conjunct the Mars in Pisces exactly now. In general it is not in a great year with a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct the Aquarius Sun and a high-tension tr Uranus square the Saturn – both jolting on and off into 2023. If the start time of 10.44am is sound then Japan will undergo even greater challenges than most when tr Pluto enters Aquarius next March and it is conjunct the Midheaven, on and off till late 2023. That can accompany a slow, grinding change of direction, loss of reputation and a degree of meltdown where old ambitions and old status are concerned.

Add On: Mits kindly emailed to say Japanese astrologers use 2.35 am as a birth time for Shinzo Abe. Though no verification of source. Have added the chart.

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    With 20 events Starkman rectified his chart to 01.35.04 JST Asc 8Leo40’
    Heliocentric Mars in exact opposition to Pluto very close to 2nd-8th axis, Neptune conjunct IC square Uranus in 12th.
    Saturn conjunct IC square Asc.
    Moon in 12th in opposition to Mars and Node
    His Epoch is casting to 23 Dec 1953 12.22.12 UT Asc 2Vir42’ Moon 8Leo35’
    In his epoch, Jupiter in 10th in opposition to Venus and Mercury, Pluto rising square IC. Helio Mars again in opposition to cusp 8th, square Sun.
    Here are the primary directions for his assassination:
    Sun 90 VIII R/R 3’
    SN 60 VIII R/R 0’
    XII 60 Sat R/R 2’
    Sat 60 Nep R/R 0’
    Sat 0 Mars R/R 5’
    Sun 90 Ura E/E 0’
    Asc 120 Sat E/E 3’
    Asc 120 Sat E/R 4’
    Sat 90 MC E/E 5’
    Sat 0 Plu R/E 5’
    Mars 90 Sun R/R 8’
    VIII 0 MC R/R 9’
    Sun 0 Ura R/E 0’
    Sun 90 Mars E/E 1’
    VIII 90 Nep E/R 7’
    XII 180 Mars R/E 2’
    Moon 90 VIII E/R 6’
    Moon 90 MC E/R 1’

  2. Transiting Mars is triggering the upcoming Solar Eclipse (Oct 25 2022- @ 2 Scorpio) by opposition. I’ve always seen the “trigger” to change the situation *of some world leaders*. Isn’t the saying- “heads will roll” ? – when eclipses are triggered. At least that is what I always say. Never considered it for ‘past leaders’. Certainly was very active this week-! I don’t think we are done with the shifting sands. RIP Shinzo Abe.

  3. What shocked me was that NHK,
    Japanese equivalent to BBC, has televised clear images of dying Abe’s face lying down on the ground, blood staining his shirt.

    This was broadcasted as a daytime news… which is very unlike Japan. I would say this is the first time ever such image was broadcasted in Japan.

    My point is; is this some kind of warning for the Japanese government and politicians ? That if you do not act as we say, this is what is going to happen to you? Some external pressure shall we say.

    Very strange also that Abe’s SP’s were not covering behind Abe (where the shots were made). That is unthinkable.

  4. This goes to show that mentally disturbed people capable of atrocities are everywhere; including seemingly benign societies. The blatantly obvious difference with Japan and the rest of the world compared to America? No easy lawful access to high powered rifles and in Japan’s case, a pain in the ass process to get a gun permit. This lunatic(with a military background apparently) had to make a home-made gun.
    The mental health excuse by the GOP was always BS to keep their military complex donors happy. ‘What’s a couple of mass shooting deaths of thy citizens(including kids) compared to my greed’; just collateral damage. ‘The world is cruel and people inevitable die so I’m gonna get paid and live it up before I do’
    Greed equates to ambition….That’s The American way!
    R.I.P Mr. Abe. Damn shame.

  5. What shocking news, poor man. Japan is such an unlikely location for this too. I can’t help feeling apprehensive, as if something else is brewing there – an uneasy feeling I’ve had for some time, before this dreadful event.

    The Japan ‘natal’ Mars at 25 Pisces seems sensitive. The bombing and destruction of Tokyo by US firebombs on 10th March, 1945, has a 23 Virgo MC, Jupiter at 23 Virgo, and Mercury at 26 Pisces (Astro-Databank). Transiting Neptune is there now. At 26 Virgo the fixed star Alkaid warns of destructive events. It is in the constellation Ursa Major (the Plough). Fixed star Markab, in Pegasus, is 23 Pisces – a volatile star, with violent potential.

    Saturn has been transiting Japan’s Sun in Aquarius, which sits amongst the fixed stars of Capricornus. Saturn is now returning to the place it held when Neptune was discovered, 23 September, 1846. Neptune and Saturn were then at 25 Aquarius, with Mars at 25 Virgo – opposing Japan’s own Mars, ahead of the founding date.

    • The upcoming Mars-Uranus-Nodes conjunction is dead on the Japan natal if the 10:44am chart is correct. It sounds like it’s a bigger shock for them.

        • Yes, I agree that the Mars Uranus Nodes could manifest at the Japanese ascendant. Also that Mars does seem sensitive, and a combination of Neptune and Mars could indicate a delusional killer, someone in the grip of violent fantasies perhaps? Just sad and shocking. But it hasn’t dispelled my uneasy feelings about Japan.

          • Well, just to add….as supper isn’t ready yet…

            Fukoshima disaster, 11 March, 2011. Sun 20 Pisces, Mars 12 Pisces, Uranus 29 Pisces. Nodes 28 Sagittarius/Gemini. BML 28 Pisces. The MC for this chart is 22 Taurus.

            Tokyo subway Sarin gas attack, 20 March 1995. Sun 28 Pisces, Mercury 7 Pisces, Saturn 16 Pisces. Chiron 24 Virgo. Pluto, 0 Sagittarius, opposed Pluto on the Japan chart. Mars at 13 Leo approached Japan’s Saturn.

  6. To be honest I find it difficult to discuss while he is in the balance, but one question I have Marjorie is what in your opinion is the link between Neptune/Uranus and economists? Is it the zeitgeist?

    • The Jupiter Neptune economist connection:
      Years ago I puzzled over my stepmother’s chart who had a strong Jupiter Neptune in her chart – she was an academic political economist. None of the standard Jupiter Neptune meanings made any sense – she wasn’t spiritual or mystical, wasn’t a dreamer with her head in the clouds, or imaginative or oozing with charitable compassion. As I went along I noted that it often turned up in the charts of financiers and economists. Ebertin does talk of ‘speculators’ in relation to it – though my stepmother didn’t gamble at all.
      I’m still not exactly certain why or what it means – though having been married at one point to a merchant banker and moving briefly in those rarefied circles I reckoned the money men were definitely unhinged with their heads in the stratosphere, dreaming of sums of money that the ordinary mortal couldn’t grasp.
      So the Jupiter amplification of Neptune’s fantasies may have a bearing on it. If you think of economists they are immersed in theories about billions which are a very intangible concept. Most of us can cope with the size of a mortgage or value of a house but that is about the stretch of it.
      Sorry that’s the best I can do.
      PS Obviously there are other ways it can play out and many with it will fantasise about different things.

      • Interesting discussion! Neptune did preside over gambling for the Romans, specifically horse racing I think. Nothing more like a casino than the financial markets, with traders gambling constantly. And perhaps the links between Neptune and water translate into abundance and fertility, and also trade in much of the ancient world? When he joins up with his brother, Jupiter, maybe all of this is amplified as you suggest? They both rule Pisces, which can be a very luxury loving, money orientated sign. Odd, though, that they are sons of Saturn and Ops, earth mother – rebelling against all that earthiness?

        • I wonder about neptune as the higher octave of venus for a financial connection too. Sad news for Japan, it’s been a tumultuous week.

        • I’m not sure traders do much gambling these days. There is an element of it but, a stockbroker I knew told me, it’s no longer about stockpicking i.e. buying stocks in particular companies they think will do well. These days it’s about spotting the rising tide in the market and jumping on to that.

          If I were linking it to Jupiter/Neptune then I’d say it’s about the ability to spot patterns before others. Also a more Saturnine person would assume that because things have gone well this far, it must all be about to crash; by the time they’re convinced it’s the thing to get into the market is topping out and they don’t make any money. In fact they become the weak spot of the next pattern where the J-N people are selling their way out to maximise their profits.

          Sag (Jupiter) people spot the patterns by looking at the big picture – they don’t focus on the details. Pisces (Neptune) people also know the patterns but they feel it in their physiology before they know it intellectually and trust that instinct.

      • Fascinating! My brother is a professor of economics and he has Jupiter conjoined Uranus opposite Mercury all square Neptune.

        • My brother, a retired professor of economics, has Jupiter sesquiquadrate Neptune. I don’t know enough about that aspect to interpret it, but interesting.

          • Tbh I wouldnt, its stretching.
            Too many minor aspects and anything can be attributed to anything.
            In fact unless a personal planet or point is firmly involved, then it applies to too many to be relevant or specific.

      • A financial advisor I know has Sun in Taurus opposition Neptune in Scorpio T-squaring onto Jupiter in Leo. He’s a real magician with making money. Candidate for the Tory leadership, Ben Wallace has the square in mutable signs I notice.

        Jane, Jupiter and Neptune are associated with horses in myth – Poseidan fathered Pegasus with Medusa and in fact is supposed to have created the first horse from the sea to impress Demeter, as part of a competition for the patronship of Athens. There’s no doubt about the connection between horses, chariot racing and gambling, a favourite pastime for the young men of Athens, as mentioned at the beginning of Aristophenes’ ‘The Clouds’ where the protagonist complains bitterly of how expensive his son’s hobby is!

        • The Clouds – very Neptune! Goodness, I studied that play and have now forgotten all about it until now. A gambler and investment banker I knew has Jupiter conjunct Mars, square Neptune. A real passion for horses too. I can’t find it, but I read in an old early 20th century astrology book that Jupiter with Neptune can indicate lottery wins or other windfalls.

      • Thank you. I can certainly understand the speculative angle, accruing wealth gambling etc but I perhaps naively thought of ecnomist as less risk taking, fantasy prone.
        But on the otherhand what is the job, but a kind of speculation.
        And then there are rampant egoists like Yanis varoufakis, almost archtypicaly Olympian, and not just because he is Greek 😉

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