Shia Lebeouf – stumbling along doing damage

Shia Laboeuf, the American actor, performance artist and filmmaker with a track record of misdemeanours from disorderly conduct to public intoxication has been accused by the musician FKA twigs of sexual battery, assault and infliction of emotional distress during their year long liaison. He has not denied the allegations and said in response: “I have been abusive to myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of hurting the people closest to me. I’m ashamed of that history and am sorry to those I hurt.”

  He was born 11 June 1986 12.14 am Los Angeles, with a former dancer turned jewellery designer mother and an ex-Vietnam veteran father who suffered from PTSD and was an alcoholic. He has said he had a ‘hippy lifestyle” childhood and despite problems and poverty was happy and he loved both parents, whom he supports today.

  He has a 4th house Gemini Sun opposition a wayward Uranus in the 10th which squares onto Jupiter in Pisces – he won’t be short of confidence but will lack common sense with such an emphasised Jupiter. It can describe an irresponsible wanderer who expects results with no effort though, it can, if sorted out ultimately produce an enlightened spokesperson. His Mars in Capricorn opposes Venus in Cancer and a Leo Moon. Venus Mars in hard aspect tends to be insensitive to partner’s needs. His 6th house Leo Moon squares an 8th house Pluto, so he’ll be emotionally intense, possessive, and certainly shouldn’t over-drink since his health won’t cope with too much abuse. His Moon also trines Saturn in Sagittarius. He’s clearly ambivalent about his mother who brought him up after his parents divorced – Moon in aspect to Venus and Mars and Pluto and Saturn is quite bubbling cauldron of attachment, anger, fear and guilt.

 FKA twigs (what gives with these weird names?), 16 January 1988, England, was a seriously bad match for him. Her Capricorn Sun is conjunct his Mars and her Mars in Sagittarius is conjunct his Saturn; her Sagittarius Moon conjunct his Uranus and her disruptive Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius falls in his 10th square his Jupiter and opposition his Sun.  Apart from her Venus in Pisces trine his Pluto there’s not much of a connection.

  Though the relationship chart does have a positive composite Sun Jupiter conjunction, and a passionate Venus opposition Pluto – which won’t make up for the effects of an explosive Uranus Mars conjunction.  On balance more minuses than pluses.

  He needs to get his act together. He does have his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars this year for a wake-up call. And his North Node opposition Pluto square Moon will have moved by Solar Arc to have the Moon square his Saturn in 18 months’ time which will be another sharp reality check.

   Pic: John Blauld.

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