Sharon Stone – losing it all to gain fulfilment

Sharon Stone, best known as the femme fatale in Basic Instinct  is having a moment, bring presented with a Global Citizen of The Year award from the UN for her activism work and her latest exhibition of abstract paintings being well received.

  She took up painting after a serious stroke in 2001 which effectively ground her life to a halt. Her marriage broke down and she said: ‘I lost everything. I lost all my money. I lost custody of my child. I lost my career. I lost all those things that you feel are your real identity and your life. I never really got most of it back, but I’ve reached a point where I’m OK with it, where I really do recognize that I’m enough.’

  She was given a one per cent chance of making it through alive after she suffered a nine-day bleed on her brain and still ‘needs’ eight hours of sleep a night so she doesn’t have seizures. Because of that her on-screen career has been limited since.

 She was born 10 March 1958 5.55pm Meadville Junction, Pennsylvania, into what she has described as ‘a broken family.’ She has a 7th house Pisces Sun and Mercury square a 4th house Saturn in Sagittarius giving her low self-esteem. She said in an interview ‘I grew up believing that taking care of everybody else was what I was supposed to do. ‘It took me a long time to understand that I had a life of my own and that I didn’t have to fix it for everybody else, and that it was OK for me to receive care, for me to be enough as a disabled person. I feel proud of myself and proud of my accomplishments — from surviving to helping others survive.’

  Her 5th house Venus in Aquarius opposes Uranus and squares onto a Jupiter, North Node Neptune in Scorpio in her 2nd house – which will have led to a roller coaster emotional life held together by an optimistic streak.  Her Jupiter Neptune may be what attracted her to Tibetan Buddhism as she searched for a guru to give her answers and to her activist work for AIDs and African health charities.

  Although her 7th house Sun is designed for a close relationship, her Sun/Moon midpoint sits exactly on her Mars in Capricorn, leading her to attract argumentative partners so her liaisons tended to be short-lived.

  When she was felled by the stroke in 2001 tr Saturn was conjunct her Midheaven and opposition tr Pluto on her IC – so what should have been the start of a successful phase with tr Saturn at her peak turned into the exact opposite. Her Solar Arc Sun was also conjunct her 8th house South Node in Taurus. What is interesting about that is the effect on her Scorpio North Node which hints that a complete transformation in life is needed – burning bridges and not looking back – before fulfilment comes. It won’t be as dramatic for most individuals with a Scorpio North node but she is certainly a stark example of it as its most extreme.

  Her humanitarian 9th harmonic is strongly aspected, as is her rise-and-fall 10H, her seeking-and-searching 7H, and her victim/healer 12H.

6 thoughts on “Sharon Stone – losing it all to gain fulfilment

  1. On second thought, that Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the 2nd – and there is that North Node there that might change things a lot, and I don’t know how to interpret it now – could also mean that she has a lot (Jupiter) of unrealistic ideas and illusions (Neptune) about money and income (2nd house).

    2nd house is in some interpretations your body, if I remember it right, and perhaps her body (2nd house) will bring her a lot of luck (Jupiter).

  2. In 2001, transiting Neptune was also active on her chart – hitting the Leo Uranus – Aqua Venus. That descries taking up painting (5th house / Leo) abstract (Uranus/Aqua) art (Venus).

  3. Global Citizen (9th house – travels, foreign lands) of the Year award (Pars Fortunæ – stroke of luck, where you will find happiness). That’s how I might interpret it.

    Uranus in the 11th might mean she has unusual (Uranus) friendships (11th house), also political views (again the 11th), and also unconventional (Uranus), futuristic, avant-garde, forward-looking.

    Venus (what a person likes) is in Aquarius, again love of unconventionality, futurism, tech perhaps. In the 5th – showbiz, film world, glamour. And again children and fun, joyous, playful sex. That might be a tad unconventional at times (in Aquarius). Mars is also a planet of sexuality, and it is also there, in the 5th, though in sturdy Capricorn, which might speak of she being attracted to powerful, dominating, socially prominent (Capricorn) men (Mars in the chart of women).

    (Mars is only a part of what a woman looks for. There is also the Sun, rulers of the 5th and 7th houses and so on.)

  4. Moon in Sagittarius I think we’ve discussed here or, more precisely, I read it here when Rachel Johnson was discussed, that it means all the flaws of the parents of the one who has this in their horoscope would be brushed off and the person would be convinced or pretend these flaws do not exist. So I wonder how that ties into Sharon’s life, given what you write she said about her childhood and growing up. The hardships (Saturn) can be explained by Saturn’s position in the 4th house (home life).

    Chiron (wounding) in the 6th house (health, daily routine and life).

    Jupiter and Neptune in the 2nd house, at first sight, should have made her enormously rich (Jupiter – enormity, Neptune – the vastness and vast wealth the seas and oceans hide, also a planet I think is prominent in the charts of billionaires).

    Mars in the 5th: she would put her energy (Mars) into the world of film (5th house), but also children (again the 5th), and I don’t know her biography in detail to see if especially the latter is true. It is also the house of playful and fun sex.

  5. Sun opposite ascendant: I wonder if I remember correctly that I’ve read somewhere this positions means will always need a partner to feel complete. I think C. G. Jung has it, though with different signs involved.

    She’s a Pisces, ruled by ethereal, otherworldly, dreamy, glamourous, and ruler-of-the-film-world Neptune (Neptune is also mirrors!), with a Virgo ascendant, which could denote a beautiful and chaste maiden.

    Where would you put her beauty and sex-appeal in her natal chart?

    There are a lot of things I admire about her, and I think my mom made me respect Sharon and be Sharon’s fan.

    • Mars in Capricorn in 5

      I think of her fun toting part in Gloria which has her saving a little boy from execution by the mob.

      Her 3 male children are all adopted and in one of her homes , as seen in Architectural Digest, she is pictured watching her sons play basketball from a bedroom balcony. As well as being an abstract artist , from this AD spread, it would appear Stone has quite the collection of modern art. I noticed she is an admirer of Basquiet’s paintings , Venus in Aquarius in 5th also. She has exquisite taste in design, in my opinion.

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