Shane McGowan – not a fairytale life

Lyrical reviews of the the rambunctious life of the late, much lamented, Shane McGowan marvel at his rackety lifestyle while eulogising his songwriting talents. He was celebrated as leader of the folk punk pioneers The Pogues in the 1980s and went the way of many rock wild men down the drink and drug abuse route, losing all his teeth along the way. Despite his grunge Irish image he was born in England and the product of a public school education, winning a literature scholarship to Westminster School and subsequently expelled for being found in possession of drugs.

  He was born 25 December 1957 in Tunbridge Wells, no birth time sadly, though the noon chart does not look unlikely.  He had a Capricorn Sun Mercury trine Pluto sextile Neptune – so did have Capricorn’s driving ambition though also regrettably its overly-indulgent streak (think Elvis Presley). His 6th house Pluto would hint at a need to look after his health which he blithely ignored, having started on alcohol according to him aged five.  His Pluto square an 8th house Mars, hinted at a life of gothic drama and aggravation. His Uranus in the 5th (a classic rock music placing) opposed Venus (Moon) in Aquarius giving him a capacity for friendship though little staying power.

  Tr Saturn has been earlier this year squaring his Mars and opposing his Pluto as he was laid low with encephalitis.  Oddly his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct his Mercury as praise is heaped on him with the spotlight of fame bringing him back centre stage.

6 thoughts on “Shane McGowan – not a fairytale life

  1. He said he was feed alcohol as a four year old to quieten him. You wonder about the family home. Was he hyperactive? Not understood in those days. He was born a month after me. I think his life really packed up in the end and I have much sympathy for him.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. A huge talent, much loved by many and perhaps he never wanted to live a long life? Interesting about Jupiter, as JB says. Jupiter the traveller is how I think of it – with the individual setting off on a journey into the unknown at the time of physical death.
    Another intensely creative Capricorn died yesterday – John Byrne, 6th January 1940. Artist, writer, playwright and father of Tilda Swinton’s twins. He also has a fiery Mars (Aries), like Shane, an Aquarian Venus, and a fiery Moon in early Sagittarius.

    Seems to be one of those times when a number of well-known people leave us.

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