Serial killers, medical and otherwise – Martian 18th harmonics



Can you spot a potential killer from a chart? Or even a lack of moral conscience? It’s an astrological conundrum to which there isn’t always an easy answer.

Niels Hogel, a German nurse, serving a life sentence for murdering two patients is now a suspect in at least 84 other murder cases. The two identified victims received lethal drug doses at units where he worked.

Born 30 December 1976, he’s a Sun Capricorn sextile Uranus and square Pluto – ambitious, innovative, controlling; with Saturn in Leo opposition Venus in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus – wants to be important, emotionally cool, superficially charming. His Mars, planet of aggression,  is not especially notable.

In some ways he’s superficially similar astrologically to Harold Shipman, the UK doctor suspected of about 250 deaths. Born 14 January 1946 8.40am Nottingham, England, Shipman was also a Sun Capricorn conjunct Venus opposition Mars Saturn in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra. The Mars Saturn might give a clue to a temperament which could turn cruel, covered over again by Venus Jupiter’s saccharine charm.

Donald Harvey, an American medical orderly despatched around 50 victims, 15 April 1952 5.50am Hamilton, Ohio. He was a Sun Jupiter in Aries trine Pluto and opposition Neptune – pro-active, with high ambition; with Venus Mercury in Aries opposition Saturn square Uranus – emotionally cool and erratic. Plus Mars in Scorpio square Pluto and trine Uranus which might give a clue since he would have a potential for ruthless behaviour.

Michael Swango, 21 October 1954, a doctor who may have been involved in 60 fatal poisonings, is a Sun Neptune in Libra square Mars opposition Uranus Jupiter in Capricorn – highly strung, volatile, disruptive, a risk-taker; with Venus in Scorpio square Pluto and trine Jupiter Uranus – emotionally intense, jealous and able to turn on the charm to order.

Beverley Allitt, 4 Oct 1968 9.15am Corby, England, a nurse convicted of killing four children and harming another 9, is a Sun Libra with Saturn in Aries; a confident Jupiter Pluto in Virgo and Mars also in Virgo but not conjunct. There’s not much that would catch the eye from her chart except for a challenging Yod of Pluto Jupiter sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn, which usually brings retribution if badly handled.

There is a strong Cardinal element in these charts which gives initiative, ambition, restlessness and a low boredom threshold but that’s nothing pass remarkable.

This is where harmonic charts come in handy which show the less visible aspects between planets. The one which shows up most clearly in all of the above is the 18H – twice 9. The 9th harmonic is what brings pleasure. Initially it was thought to be a harmonic that was community-minded, fostered inclusiveness and was humanitarian. But it figures strongly in charts of financial fraudsters like Bernie Madoff and Charles Ponzi, so clearly has an immoral, indulgent and irresponsible side as well.

18 in numerology, on which a good deal of the harmonic interpretations are based, can bring material success, but also conflicts and enemies, and has an explosive quality.

In Beverley Allitt’s natal chart her Mars is sparsely aspected. But in her 18H, the Mars squares Saturn, and is trine Sun. Niels Hogel’s 18H has Mars opposition Sun square Pluto, so drawing his sparsely aspected Mars in the natal chart into tighter contact.

Michael Swango, whose natal Mars is firmly tied into Uranus Jupiter Neptune Sun, in his 18H has Mars conjunct Saturn trine Pluto, which has a much more brutal feel.

Kristen Gilbert, a nurse who killed 4 and attempted two more, 13 Nov 1967 5.01pm Falls River, MA, doesn’t have an overly notable Mars natally, but in her 18H it is conjunct Saturn, inconjunct Uranus and square Sun.

Mars Saturn sometimes tied into Pluto appears in the 18H charts of non-medical serial killers Ted Bundy, Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane shootings), Jeffrey Dahmer.

The 18H isn’t necessarily a serial killer identifier since it is strong also in the charts of Jemma Beale, the rape fantasist (see post below) and Joe Arpaio. But it certainly can indicate a cruel, conscience-free  streak.

Many of the above medical killers also have a heavily stressed Mars tied into Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in their healer/victim 12H.

Harmonics is an evolving field, so it’s as well to keep an open mind about the spectrum of meanings that each number represents – and keep checking with examples as they pop up.

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  1. Hello Marjorie, thanks for this….riveting, but may I ask where you find such detailed information about the harmonics. I only did the basics all those years ago, but there was never a book/literature on them, only leaflets. Can you suggest a good tome on them (I know they’re all multiples) but I just can’t find a thing about them. Grateful thanks.

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