Sergei Lavrov – the face of Russian diplomacy



Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister has been robustly rejecting claims of state involvement in the attempted assassination of the Skripals. “This is dishonest, this is pure propaganda, pure fanning of hysterics and hysteria.”

Born 21 March 1950, he was formerly at the UN for 10 years as Russian representative, and since 2004 has been the face of Russian diplomacy in the foreign ministry.

He’s a Sun Aries or last degree Pisces opposition Mars in Libra square Uranus, so resourceful in high-tension crises; with a confidently, charming Pluto opposition Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius.

What is clear from his relationship chart with Vladimir Putin is that both are shaken by recent events and criticism – either because they feel aggrieved at being attacked, or because of a botched-job which should have been carried out in a less public manner. Their relationship chart has a composite, enthusiastic Sun Mercury opposition Uranus square Jupiter – all of which is being dented by tr Saturn conjunct Sun and square Jupiter at the moment, then moving on to conjunct Mercury and oppose Uranus – all of that runs on until early June, repeating in the autumn. So this or other difficulties will continue. It may stretch cordiality between the pair to breaking point.

Lavrov has a fiery relationship with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson with their composite Mars Uranus being triggered by tr Uranus in square from this July, into a through 2019.


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  1. This is interesting, since an earlier birthtime would make him a Pisces Sun but an Aries Moon. I’m choosing an earlier birthtime: Putin seems to get along with Aries Moons, I guess it’s an Alpha Politician version of personal synastry where Libra Sun/ Aries Moon combinations are actually very successful. Also, while Lavrov himself is a mystery, his sense of humor is direct and quick. So, a Nocturnal Chart here?

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