China – president for life



Xi Jinping is now able to stay president of China for life after constitutional changes were passed, elevating his status to the level of the founder, Chairman Mao.

There’s nothing too specific showing on the China country chart. But he’s a very different temperament to Mao. Xi Jinping is a Sun, Jupiter in Gemini with Mars, Mercury, Uranus in Cancer; with Mercury Uranus square Saturn Neptune in Libra – adaptable, restless, bubbling over with initiative.

Mao, a Sun Capricorn had a much more Fixed and enduring chart with Mars Uranus in ultra-determined and vengeful Scorpio opposition Jupiter square Venus opposition a Leo Moon. And he had the signature can-be-megalomaniac Neptune Pluto in Gemini, shared by many of the 20th Century dictators.

The only thing of note is Xi Jinping’s First Presidency chart – 14 March 2013 11.51am Beijing, which has a Yod of Pluto sextile Saturn inconjunct Jupiter – definitely pointing to grandiose ambitions, with the ability to have a considerable impact on the masses – though with the downside of a tendency to get carried away by grandiosity.

XJ isn’t especially tied into the China chart on synastry, except in a relatively benign way. But his relationship chart has a composite controlling Sun Pluto conjunction; with a wide reforming Saturn opposition Jupiter square Uranus.


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