Serbia – standing on the fault line between east and west



Serbia stands on the frontier between east and west and throughout its long and troubled history has always seemed to be a place of great significance. 17 Roman emperors were born there; 140 wars have been fought around its capital Belgrade in the past two thousand years. And it was home to the renewed fervour for gnostic Christianity in the 8th and 9th Centuries which sent the Cathar heresies out into Europe. It was swallowed up in the Ottoman Empire, then incorporated into Tito’s Yugoslavia and suffered through an exceptionally destructive break up a decade after his death.

Serbia declared Independence on 13 July 1878 2.58 pm; and became a stand-alone sovereign republic on 5 June 2006 2.09 pm Belgrade.

A gay woman has just been appointed prime minister, a double first for the EU-candidate state, all the more surprising given the virulent homophobia which is still widespread. The President, a former extreme nationalist, rebranded as a pro-EU reformer, also wants deeper ties to Russia. His candidacy was endorsed by Putin amid fears from some of Moscow’s expanding influence in the tense Balkan region. Opposition candidates have accused him of over control of the media, mudslinging and intimidation of voters. Critics are worried he could become too powerful, leading to freedoms being eroded in Serbia’s fledgling democracy.

Both charts for Serbia have Mars in flamboyant Leo, strong aspected Jupiter and Uranus Pluto so it will always makes its voice heard internationally, be confident and almost certainly always be in a state up upheaval. Both charts have planets in the 9th, so an international reach; though close neighbourly relations will always be tricky with one having the Node conjunct the Descendant and the other Pluto in the 7th. Both charts are quite Neptunian as well, so idealistic.

There’s nothing much of huge note going on bar the Leo Eclipse being conjunct the Uranus MC on the 1878 chart; and jolts and discouragement on the Serbia 2006 chart through 2018.

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