Scottish government – piping a retreat + Yousaf birth time, Salmond, Regan ++ Swinney First Minister chart

Humza Yousaf’s coalition with the Scottish Greens has collapsed after after the Scottish Government scrapped its flagship climate change target last week. He will now lead a minority government with 63 MSPs out of a total of 129 members, slightly less than half. In theory the next election will be May 2026 though presumably it could come sooner.

  These are troubled times in Scotland with former SNP CEO Peter Murrell’s arrest on financial charges and a cloud still hanging over Nicola Sturgeon plus all manner of political squalls over taxation and other policies.

 Yousaf’s Term chart, 28 March 2023 3.03 pm Edinburgh always hinted at partnership problems with Saturn in the 7th and Neptune in the 8th plus Pluto square the Midheaven and a divisive 10th house Uranus. It has a hugely stressed Mars in excitable Cancer conjunct the Moon, square Sun and Neptune, trine Saturn and inconjunct Pluto – so was never going to be a harmonious administration. The recent Aries Eclipse rattled up its Mercury Jupiter on Aries and the October Libra Eclipse will oppose the Aries Sun. If it survives into 2025 tr Saturn and Neptune in Aries square the Moon Mars will probably see the end of it.

 Yousaf’s personal chart, 7 April 1985, has his Aries Sun rattled by this month’s Solar Eclipse and his Mercury by October’s Libra Eclipse. Tr Saturn is square his Uranus this month for high tensions and eruptions. He looks particularly rattled this coming week till early May with tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint and tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars – calamities, catastrophes and vicious arguments. And the frustrations and hostilities will continue on and off into 2025.

 The SNP 7 April 1934 chart is also being seriously rattled by this month’s Solar Eclipse with its Sun Mars in Aries opposition Jupiter square Pluto catching the full effect; with eruptions and tensions in June and on and off into spring 2025.

  I was never sure what it meant but the original Act of Union of Scotland and England chart, 1 May 1707, was always due for an upheaval with tr Uranus conjunct the Taurus Sun and square the Jupiter Uranus, finishing now.  With a setback coming in 2026 with the SA Mars conjunct the Saturn. It can’t mean another independence referendum since that boat has well and truly sailed. Even the Devolution 17 November 1998 Scotland Act is being seriously jangled – and has been through the past two years over Sturgeon’s surprise departure and is still subject to major jolts and disappointment through into 2025. Were it not such a mire the whole devolution set up should go back to the drawing board for a rethink.  

Add on:

 Humza Yousaf appears to have a birth time of 11.20pm 7 April 1985 Glasgow which puts his Scorpio Moon on his Ascendant with tr Uranus in opposition at the moment; and tr Saturn opposing his Virgo Midheaven. With a confidence-busting SA Neptune moving to conjunct his Jupiter over the next few months. If he survives the fairly catastrophic Uranus transits to two of his Saturn midpoints over the next three weeks till mid May, he’ll have more major disruptions this August onwards into early 2025 and a major setback in 205 from SA Sun opposition his Saturn.

 Alex Salmond’s Alba Party, in the shape of Ash Regan its only MSP member who defected from the SNP after her defeat in the leadership contest, may be called in to offer support in the event of a no confidence vote.  Salmond, 31 December 1954 4.30pm Linlithgow, looks over excitable over the next three weeks though more hopeful in later May. But overall is heading for SA Neptune in a lacklustre, undermining conjunction to his Sun in 2025.

  Ash Regan, 8 March 1974, has nothing to suggest uplift this year though she has a lucky-break tr Uranus square her Jupiter from July 2025 onwards.

ADD ON:  John Swinney, formerly leader of the SNP pre-Salmond, has been retrieved as yet another continuity candidate to take the tiller. Born 13 April 1964, he is another Sun Aries with Mars also in Aries on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Neptune sextile Pluto. A yod focal point Mars in Aries is generally thought of as a hothead and loose cannon which hardly fits Sean Connery’s view of him as boring and lacking energy – though the Mars may be deeply buried in his chart.

  He’s in a mixed phase with confidence and high hopes from tr Pluto square his Jupiter at zero Taurus but damped down by Solar Arc Saturn also at zero Taurus. This autumn’s Libra Solar Eclipse opposition his Mars will bring a few fireworks and noisy arguments as will the spring Solar Eclipse in 2025 in Aries. It’ll be a wild ride; with 2026 looking like the end of the road politically with a frustrating and dead-halt SA Mars square his Pluto and tr Uranus square his Saturn.

ADD ON: John Swinney was sworn in as First Minister on 8 May 2024 around 11.47am Edinburgh. This puts a charm-offensive Sun Venus, Moon in the 10th plus a changeable Uranus and a lucky Jupiter. With a financially restrictive Saturn in the 8th and maybe Neptune also in the 8th (depending on time being accurate) so money problems may be the Achilles Heel.

10 thoughts on “Scottish government – piping a retreat + Yousaf birth time, Salmond, Regan ++ Swinney First Minister chart

  1. Gnarly Dude: I’ve also never experienced Scorpio as vengeful. More full on intense and sometimes self destructive. Leaving self unprotected in the quest to achieve an objective. It felt like it fitted Humza as ascendant but am always aware we can “make” things fit.
    Libra Moon, agree.

  2. Well, Humza Yousaf’s resigned today. May’s New Moon at 18 Taurus is right on his North Node, and Mars. It opposes Alex Salmond’s Saturn in Scorpio – a Saturn/Mars vibe between the two men seems to be making itself felt already. I’m also wondering more generally about the significance of this Moon because it activates (?) the Uranus/Mars/Nodes alignment of summer 2022.

    The recent Aries Solar eclipse seems to be making itself felt very clearly too. Worth watching what comes up towards the end of May when tr Mars in Aries fires it up again.

    • I haven’t been following closely but last week when the Greens started to talk about withdrawing their support, he took action and broke off the deal. Then he resigns before a vote-of-no-confidence can be undertaken. Add to that when the Greens took umbrage, he found himself surprised and saying he didn’t mean to upset or annoy anyone!

      Seems like very Aries ego to hit first (and then apologise). But pondering that it’s also what deeply insecure people do – reject before they can be rejected.

      He could do some with Libra patience, strategising and understanding really. Instead he’s got four planets including Saturn/Pluto in Scorpio – “you’re either in my gang or out”; not so good for negotiating.

      • Agree, GD. All rather Martian – if you think of Mars traditional rulership of Scorpio, along with Aries. Not really what you might expect from a politician, where the more thoughtful, intuitive, and even cunning side of Scorpio might come in handy. They can be very patient, and really do believe revenge is a dish best served cold. I grew up with two Scorpio parents!

        • My dad was a late Scorpio sun but I don’t think I ever saw him be vengeful. He could be petty but I put that down to his libra moon which is probably more passive-aggressive if anything. Death by a thousand cuts of pretending to be nice and helpful while actually hindering you.

    • I am no great supporter of the SNP but he inherited/walked into a lose lose situation. As someone wrote he was the continuity candidate to Sturgeon who baled when the ship was already taking water. On top of independence sagging as an issue there was a backlog of too many years of incompetent government – health, education, drugs etc – plus the idiotic trans debate and net zero impossibilities, high taxation versus too many freebies. And if that was not enough his wife’s family got stuck in Gaza.
      He didn’t really have a politician’s chart – more an entertainer’s with a 5th house emphasis, an impulsive Mars inconjunct Uranus and ‘adventurous’ Mars square an over hopeful Jupiter, neither of which suggest considered judgement. Indeed he has a fairly afflicted Mars all round opposition Moon and South Node and widely opposition Saturn. An Aries Scorpio mix is impossibly difficult to balance.

      • Off the top of my head, Sturgeon is born July 1970 which would give her a late Scorpio Neptune.

        How would that have played out on Yousaf? Assuming his Scorpio ascendant is correct with the moon, nodes and saturn all so close?

  3. Interesting , thank you.. I was looking at Humza chart earlier – the one I got was from Astrodienst and has an 11:20pm birth time in Rutherglen. Which rather fitted too.. (of course!)

  4. “Even the Devolution 17 November 1998 Scotland Act is being seriously jangled”

    Thanks Marjorie, as you say it is a mire. I noticed, too, that 1998 also saw the Welsh Devolution Act, 31 July 1998, plus the Human Rights Act, 9 November 1998. Wales appears to be in a bit of mess too, while the Human Rights Act may also need some sort of fine-tuning. Neptune for Wales is 0 Aquarius, moving back to 29 Capricorn square Saturn in Aries for the HRA and Scotland Act in November. A square with Saturn is there for July 98, in Taurus and Aquarius. Saturn square Neptune seems like a challenging influence for any legislation.

    I was interested to see Neptune in transition between Capricorn and Aquarius that year, perhaps representing changing ideals? Tr Pluto, also between Capricorn and Aquarius, is putting pressure on those 1998 Neptunian dreams now, and squaring legislation/structure Saturn. 1998 was a very different time, when most of us in the UK believed ‘things can only get better’….

    • 1998 seems to be highlighted here. The Greater London Devolution referendum took place in May 1998, the first London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, started on 3rd July, 2000. That date has Saturn at 26 Taurus, under stress from Uranus this summer.

      All of this Saturn square Neptune devolution happened when Tony Blair was PM. He has Saturn in Libra conjunct Neptune (square Chiron) natally.

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