Saudi Arabia v Iran – old foes waging war in parallel universes

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There is concern in the Middle East about an eventual Saudi Arabia war with Iran. Though as one commentator pointed out ‘it is already happening.’ The two countries are killing each other’s proxies, advisors and troops, in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia’s Shiite Eastern Province.

If it were to come – via miscalculation – to a direct clash the Saudi air force and their key ally the UAE are now capable of destroying practically all Iran’s port facilities, oil loading terminals and key industries using stand-off precision-guided munitions. Iran can shower the Gulf coastline with unguided rockets and a higher concentration of guided long-range missiles than before. So a direct conflict is not an attractive proposition.

Where relations between the two countries looks to be at their most inflammatory is the period between 2018 up to 2020. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Aquarius, at 2,4 and 9 degrees, so will be jolted by tr Uranus in Taurus in square. There will be continually power-play through 2017; but Iran looks subdued through till 2019, rather than aggressive. And Saudi Arabia is struggling with its own internal economic woes.

3 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia v Iran – old foes waging war in parallel universes

  1. Methinks the prospect of that would act as a deterrent. Possibly why it seems preferable to SArabia/Iran to scrap about in someone else’s backyard.

  2. The vivid way Marjorie describes it, this war would rain hell over many countries. Uncontrolled rockets, long range missiles, the Saudi Air Force strikes. Let’s hope there is a benign little asteroid floating out there that connects with the Planets in a way that cools this fire.

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