Sandra Oh – an Emmy hopeful hunting a killer



Sandra Oh, much loved Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy for nine years, is the first Asian to be nominated for an Emmy as lead actress in Killing Eve, playing a Brit spook hunting a female serial killer. She’s already won multiple awards and been Emmy nominated before but never taken the prized statuette home.

Born 20 July 1971 in Ottawa, Canada, to Korean immigrant parents, she has a powerful chart with a Cancer Sun trine Jupiter in Scorpio, sextile Pluto – ambitious, confident, lucky, tuned into the public mood. She has a feisty Mercury in Leo opposition Mars in Aquarius squaring onto Jupiter; and a creative Saturn opposition Neptune Jupiter. And a wide yod of Sun sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars – so quite a force to be reckoned with.

Her actor/actress 15th Harmonic is forceful in the extreme tying together Sun in opposition to Mars Pluto and squaring Saturn – so roles involving psychopaths or which walk on the dark side will suit her.

There’s nothing much showing up on her chart (without a birth time) for the Emmy’s this week. But she’ll power ahead in 2022 when tr Pluto sextiles her Jupiter; with a lucky break in 2020 with her Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Jupiter then.


One thought on “Sandra Oh – an Emmy hopeful hunting a killer

  1. I love her, and I love “Killing Eve” (Jodie Comer is killing it, too, I have seen her in other things and know she doesn’t get a psychopath – given psychopaths do come across as fake, a bad actor could actually nail a psychopath role – right by chance here), but there’s about 5 percent chance for anyone but Elisabeth Moss to take this award. I’m not certain which “The Handmaid’s Tale” episode they submitted for this (it’s up to the actor to decide, I think), but she had an incredible realistic childbirth scene at “Holly”, and should win on that only. Otherwise, I think they might award Keri Russell, given “The Americans” ended, and Emmy voters tend to award shows going away.

    Maybe next time, although competition is fierce nowadays. Just heard a podcast my husband follows on how in Hollywood, nowadays, the really good, adult material goes to television instead of movie screen. It’s really hard to get a financing and then a distribution for certain type of drama movies, but Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Amazon love the same material in a series form. And, it’s usually more lucrative for writers. So, you get amazing lead roles on TV nowadays.

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