Philippines & China typhoon – Neptune on the rampage



The turbulent Mars Uranus square tied into the North Node on the recent eclipses is certainly making its presence felt with a deadly typhoon striking the Philippines with 60 dead from landslides, now making an assault on the China coast. And that’s on top of the Carolina tropical storm deluge.

The Philippines 4 July 1946 9.15 am Manila chart has Solar Arc Neptune square the Moon in effect now and for the next few months, with economic damage to farmland causing concern as well as the mortalities. And tr Neptune is also square the Phil Moon this year and next; with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the 2nd house Neptune for financial devastation.

The Philippines 10 December 1898 8.45pm Paris, France chart, for the start of US rule also seems to hold good. Tr Neptune is square the Pluto exactly now and returning to square the Saturn in 2019 and then the Sagittarius Sun. So the recovery will be long and hard.

The 1946 chart had the Leo Solar Eclipse conjunct the Venus for an emotional upset; and the 1898 had the eclipse conjunct Ascendant, for another challenge.  Locating the Eclipses to the Philippines puts Jupiter on the MC and Mercury Node on the Descendant for the Leo Solar and Pluto on the descendant for the Lunar.

If anything the China coast looks even harder hit with the Leo Eclipse Mars sitting on the Ascendant. It’s an unholy combination – Neptune blowing up a tempest boosted by the explosive Mars Uranus.


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