San Bernadino – shooter angry with USA

I’m not sure I want to do another shooting/bombing atrocity. But here we go – again.

The Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto is certainly making its presence felt. Mars moved into Libra just before mid November, running towards the hard aspects on Dec 6/11th and since then there has been a series of more than usually nasty attacks – Beirut, Paris, Mali, Russian plane shot down. Now San Bernadino, which appears to have been at least partially inspired by ISIL though not necessarily promoted by them.

14 are dead and 21 injured after a shooting by a husband and wife at a party at a disability centre in San Bernadino, California on 2nd December at 11am. They also had a stash of bombs and weapons. Though there’s still caution as to what the motives were, work related or terrorist.

Syed Rizwan Farook, US-born of Pakistani origin, 14 June 1987 Chicago, was a health worker. His wife was also Pakistani. He was a Sun Gemini opposition Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius; with Mars Mercury in Cancer opposition Neptune, trine Pluto. What is relevant is that his Mars is conjunct the US Sun and square the US Saturn; and the US Mars is conjunct his Sun and opposition his Saturn Uranus. So a country which aroused his anger in multiple ways.

San Bernadino was incorporated on 10 August 1869. On that chart there’s a violent, destructive Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Mars now and tr Pluto square both. So undoubtedly a major shock and frightening.

On aspects to Fixed stars, the shootings chart.
Sun conjunct Antares – “rival of Mars,” the brightest star in Scorpius (The Scorpion). Associated with rashness and violence. Tough, belligerent and aggressive.

Moon’s North Node conjunct Alkaid – of the nature of Mars, associated with death and mourning. It can claim lives in calamities.

Mars conjunct Vindemiatrix, the widowmaker.
Regarded as unfortunate, associated with deception and disgrace.

Both Saturn and Neptune were in aspect to the Sun/Moon midpoint which often appears highlighted in tragedies with loss of life.

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