Tashfeen Malik – folie a deux

The female shooter in San Bernadino, Tashfeen Malik, was born 13 July 1986 in Pakistan, brought up in Saudi Arabia and married Farook on 16 Aug 2014.

She was a Sun in Cancer opposition Mars in Capricorn square an Aries North Node; with Sun inconjunct Uranus in Sagittarius. So definitely angry and pro-active. Cancer can be patriotic, attached to the country of birth. Mars in opposition in a Cardinal sign is rash and overly impulsive.

Her Solar Return for this year had Sun Mars opposition Pluto square Uranus so hostile, ruthless, explosive.

Farook’s Solar Return had an exact Sun Mars conjunction; and a Yod of Venus in flamboyant Leo sextile North Node inconjunct Neptune in Pisces – so angry and warped dreams of the afterlife.

Her Cancer Sun (Moon) was conjunct her husband’s Mars in Cancer with her Mars in opposition; and her Uranus opposed his Gemini Sun. So a volatile match that sparked off both their anger issues and rebellious streak.

Their relationship chart had a delusional composite Sun opposition Neptune, trine Pluto and square Jupiter – so a curious mix of idealistic, overly confident, determined, controlling.

Their wedding chart is horrible with a cruel Mars Saturn conjunction opposition Moon and Saturn square Sun.

Her Mars was also opposition the USA Sun and square the USA Saturn as was the case with Farook – so not a country she liked. Her Uranus was also opposition the US Mars and square the US Neptune – a disruptive combination. I’d imagine this was always her intention when she married and came across.

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