Yahoo not picking up – Marissa Mayer’s future in doubt

Yahoo appear to be in trouble with stagnant growth on the internet side with murmurings that Marissa Mayer’s time ahead as CEO may be short.
Yahoo, 1 March 1995, looks if anything in even worse trouble ahead with tr Neptune conjunct its Pisces Sun in 2016 – Neptune not being a good influence for commerce. Tr Pluto continues the hard-slog sextile to its Saturn in 2016 as well with a financially depressing tr Saturn conjunct Jupiter from Feb till November 2016.

MM’s term chart, 16 July 2012, also has the enthusiasm-dampening tr Saturn opposition Jupiter (and tr Neptune square) at the moment and tr Saturn opposition the financial Venus. From late May 2016 tr Uranus will oppose Saturn and then square the Sun which will upset her applecart, if it doesn’t come before.

Her personal chart, 30 May 1975, has a Gemini Sun opposition Neptune which is catching the tr Saturn hard aspect this December which looks like a setback; with tr Neptune square her Sun in Jan/Feb 2016 which is sinking in a different way. Plus from Feb 2016 for two years she has tr Pluto opposition her Saturn and square her Jupiter.
She hates failure more than most with that Saturn square Jupiter and will push mightily hard not to by done down by the experience. She will get some lift from tr Uranus square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint in May onwards. But these types always walk away with a he payoff and usually fairly quickly into another venture. Though she will have her downs through the next two years.

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  1. RE: MM’s current status. Why am I left feeling that she had this golden parachute/backdoor in her pocket all along? Almost as tho she knew this would not work – except for her financial advancement. Sorry to sound so cynical, something just isn’t right here.

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