Sally Brampton – a sad loss

Sally Brampton, the well-liked and respected founding editor of British Elle magazine, and later a newspaper agony aunt, has died by walking into the sea. She wrote about her lifelong depression, which at times became incapacitating, in her memoir ‘Shoot the Damn Dog.’

Born 15 July 1955 in Brunei, where her father worked for Shell, she moved frequently in childhood and was sent to boarding school in England which she hated.

She was a Sun Uranus conjunct in Cancer square Neptune in Libra – so a maverick, highly strung with Uranus Neptune; and with Cancer’s innate sense for what the public wanted. Many fashion designers are Cancer. She also had Mercury Venus in Cancer; and an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in Leo.

Her Taurus Moon was square Pluto and probably opposition Saturn in Scorpio, which may be where part of her depression stemmed from – very bleak.

Reading snippets about her, what seemed a shame was that she discounted the benefits of therapy which could have been a help.

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