Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London – Algol + afflicted Mars Saturn term


Sadiq Khan took over as Mayor of London on 7 May 2016, sworn in at 11.49am – and has been coping this year with two terrorist attacks, at Westminster in March and London Bridge in early June, and now one of the worst fire and tower tragedies ever.

His Term chart does have the Taurus Moon conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol; with a heavily aspected, accident and disaster-prone Mars Saturn conjunction square Jupiter opposition Neptune. So it was never going to be an easy run. There is a positive, confident and determined Pluto trine Jupiter trine Sun, though it focuses in on an 8th house Neptune as the driving planet of a Kite – so financial muddles, maybe commercial scandals, subversion and deception. The 8th house, along with its financial meanings, is associated with national death, rebirth and renewal.

He has a pretty tough chart himself, 8 Oct 1970, with a Mars Pluto in Virgo trine Saturn in Taurus, sextile Neptune Venus in Scorpio. So he won’t be rattled by much.

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  1. Another London incident, vehicle plowing into pedestrians, about midnite London time. Gods, what a handful to manage…

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