Ryanair – flying into turbulence



Ryanair’s pessimistically cautious outlook for the year appears to be accurate with 450 flights cancelled in August from strikes and more planned tomorrow in Germany. They are in a better position than some airlines, having reported record annual results with a 10% hike for last year. But they are running into headwinds with higher costs.

The Ryanair chart, 5 July 1985, is in a state of high nervous tension this year with tr Neptune square the Uranus plus a disruptive tr Uranus opposition Pluto. But 2019 looks worse. With an agitated, insecure and shocked Solar Arc Uranus opposition Mars; and Solar Arc financial Venus in a disappointing opposition to Neptune; plus tr Saturn opposition the aggressively go-ahead Sun Mars which hints at more setbacks.

Michael O’Leary, the mouthy CEO, 20 March 1961, similarly looks shell-shocked in 2019 with a dead-halt and acutely frustrating and enraging Solar Arc Mars conjunct Pluto; and a debilitating, panicky-failure Solar Arc Neptune opposition his Mars in late 2019/early 2020. He may buck up in 2020/21 with Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Sun.

His relationship with David Bonderman, non-exec chairman, looks jittered and jangled this year and next as well.


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  1. I just wonder if this difficult astrology is a reflection of the chaos that is coming for all airlines and airports and pilots and engineers with a no deal crash out Brexit on March 292019, leading to an end to all of the treaties and licences that allow EU/UK connected flights to leave/land or fly ?

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