Hurricane Florence – Neptune in terrifying aspect



Hurricane Florence is brewing up to be the “the storm of a lifetime” as it heads for the Carolina coast in the USA. Reckoned to be the worst storm for at least 25 years in the region it has led to nearly 2 million people being evacuated with fears of catastrophic impacts, from damaging winds to flash flooding to widespread power outages.

The recent 11th August Solar Eclipse set for that location has the focal point Uranus on the midheaven squaring Node on the Ascendant opposition Mars – and that is an explosive energy.

South Carolina, 23 May 1788, looks more badly affected than North Carolina, with a swampy, devastating tr Pluto and Solar Arc Sun both square the SC Neptune this month and next. And the SC Pluto in Aquarius (opposition Mars) was also triggered by the August Leo Eclipse.  Solar Arc Saturn is also approaching within less than a degree to a jolting, high-tension square to the SC Uranus, so the aftermath will be long drawn out and troublesome.

The previous late July Lunar Eclipse has Neptune on the IC; and the 13 July Cancer Solar Eclipse has Neptune on the Ascendant.

Neptune, god of the ocean, on full throttle.


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence – Neptune in terrifying aspect

  1. DG: I’m your neighbor to the south–Savannah, GA, to be exact. We are on edge, bracing for whatever impact Florence might have in our area. So far, no evacuation orders. Marjorie’s forecast for SC is indeed chilling. Stay safe.

  2. As a South Carolinian, I’m terrified as they are telling us that this is a long-range event that will last for more than 48 hours straight. But as an (amateur) astrologer, I’m even more scared looking at these charts.

    • Why scared? I often encounter folks who both refuse and are curious about astrology; “Oh, I’m afraid of what I might learn”…curiosity is a human trait. If one fears knowledge, regardless of the source, what do do? Order chinese take-out? Watch the CBS Evening News?

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