Russia – farcical election win for Putin ++ Germany Retro Mars

Votski – Putin 87%, unfortunate accidents nul points.

  At least the cartoonists raised a smile at the foregone conclusion of an election described as “farcical” with Putin heading into a fifth term.

 The Russia 8 December 1991 7.45pm chart hints at strong emotional reactions domestically this year and next and an increasingly discouraging struggle where neighbours are concerned through 2025/26 with tr Pluto conjunct the 7th house Saturn.  With 2027 looking ruinous with hints of violence.

The Russia 8 November 1917 chart will have a blip of luck in 18 months’ time; but otherwise will be sagging domestically with tr Neptune Saturn squaring the 4th house Venus in 2025/26; with 2026/7 looking explosive and disruptive perhaps from internal dissidents with tr Uranus square the 12th house Mars. Tr Pluto opposition the Neptune by 2028/29 will see devastating confusion, perhaps with a natural disaster though also perhaps a political collapse.

 What is intriguing is the 1917 chart had its Progressed Mars go retrograde in November 2005 as Putin started to seriously strip away democratic protections with the Russian parliament and in the regions. The following year the USA saw its Progressed Mars also go retrograde for many decades thereafter. A retrograde Mars usually indicates a lessening of vitality and effectiveness.

 Putin’s initial Presidency chart 31 December 1999, which dipped badly last year, will get a sharp elbow in the ribs come this July/August and on; with calamities, confusion and lack of will in 2025/26 with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune. But it is 2026/27 which may see his grip on power being destabilized with Solar Arc Uranus squaring the Pluto. Tr Saturn also squares the Sun in 2025 which sometimes see the curtain come down on administrations and if all that doesn’t shift him, then by 2028 tr Uranus will square the Pluto for more earthquakes under his feet.

  My estimate would be overall that Uranus moving into Gemini from 2025 onwards will be the catalyst for his final exit.

ADD ON: The Germany 1871 chart had its Progressed Mars retrograde between March 1910 and August 1990. In 1990 East and West German became united again with Unification Day celebrated on  3 October 1990. Blaschke describes Mars going direct as unleashing an inner reservoir of power that has been building up throughout the retrograde period. It is associated with will power and drive, which would certainly describe Germany’s economic resurgence in the years following.

5 thoughts on “Russia – farcical election win for Putin ++ Germany Retro Mars

  1. The USA has Mars retrograde until the late 70s or even into the 80s, which will be challenging, ditto Russia, so two of the most powerful blocks in the world are under pressure, I wonder how the EU is faring with regards progressed Mars.

  2. In 1909 the Chancellor was replaced and Bethman Holllweg took the post. He stayed on until 1917 and he and the Kaiser were responsible for some of the harsher elements associated with WWI. May or may not be relevant.

  3. I understand Germany also had Mars retrograde during its two world wars. This placement is calamitous for wars of aggression. It should still be effective for defensive wars in support of allies.

      • I think a lot of iconic German luxury automotive and sports brands were created from 1910 up to WW2. Seems appropriate for a Mars station.

        I have also long been of the view that agressive acts are to be avoided during any kind of Mars Rx, but defence is successful

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