Russia – facing a moment of historical change

All political careers end in failure is the accepted wisdom unless the incumbent dies first. But pinpointing the exact moment of exit is not an exact science.

 Catherine the Great of Russia ascended the Russian throne as Pluto moved into Capricorn in 1762 and died two Pluto sign shifts later in 1796 as it was poised to enter Pisces.  

Stalin was less clearcut though he died on a Saturn Neptune conjunction in late Libra and there is a Saturn Neptune conjunction approaching in 2025, though in early degrees of Aries.

  What resonates across all the different Russia charts are fixed signs around 18 to 22 degrees. Russia 20 September 862 AD has Neptune at 21 Aquarius. Russia 28 March 1462 has Pluto at 22 Leo. Russia 8 November 1917 has Uranus at 19 Aquarius. Russia 8 December 1991 has Pluto at 21 Scorpio.

  Putin came to power as prime minister on 31 December 1999 with Uranus at 14 Aquarius which had moved to 20 Aquarius square Jupiter Saturn Sun in Taurus when he was elected President in May 2000. So transiting Uranus rattling up these fixed degrees through 2023/24 is a hint of seismic changes . On the Russia 1917 chart the Uranus will catch the tr Uranus square for a final time from mid this December to mid March 2024 which may well be critical – at the same time tr Uranus will conjunct the Saturn on Putin’s first presidency chart for escalating tensions, eruptions and divisions. And on the Russia 1991 chart tr Uranus will continue to upend the Pluto until April 2024.

  Putin’s 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05am is under huge strain with a deadlocked and desperate (can be ruthless) Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars and at risk of being capsized by tr Pluto square the Uranus in 2023/24. But that chart also has a lucky Sun opposition Jupiter which has moved by Solar Arc to catch the transiting Uranus hard aspects which might just might provide unexpected opportunities to escape the worst of Pluto, Mars, Uranus.

  Hamas are done for whether it takes tr Neptune square their Uranus over this winter or SA Mars conjunct their Sun in 2025. Everyone in the region including the Arab leaders as well as those in the west think they need to be removed from existence. Though what comes next should not be left to Netanyahu.  There is a scary and deeply depressing piece in the Daily Beast laying out the Israeli extremists views on removing all Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank and sending them into the desert.

7 thoughts on “Russia – facing a moment of historical change

  1. What should we make of the prolonged Sun/Mars conjunction in Scorpio transiting these sensitive degrees in the Russian chart and other national charts over the next week?

    • War deaths or deaths over conflicts, with the addition of the new moon? Since Pluto is also still transiting Capricorn, I’m guessing these deaths will drastically transform long-standing institutions, including governments.


      If you have the time, would you please consider doing comparison charts between Monday’s new moon chart (maybe that of October 7th as well) and the charts of the outbreak of WWI and WWII?

      Thank you

  2. I look forward to next year – hopefully, Vladimir Putin will either be ousted or will meet his demise.

    The world simply cannot tolerate him for much longer – Vladimir Putin’s antics have lead to too many humanitarian crises.

    Every Ukrainian and Syrian I know personally tells me they will celebrate the day Vladimir Putin becomes fertilizer.

    • @serega, even if Putin has been even more elusive than usually as of late, and use of body doubles has precedents, I highly doubt this. The fight for power would among “the siloviks” wouldn’t stay under lid for 2 weeks. The US and China, not to mention Ukraine, would move too. I see something from Ukraine, but very weak signals.

      • The fake Putins are distinguishable because they have a glimmer of humanity in their eyes. There’s an article in the Metro today about Putin’s visit to a children’s cancer hospital with one boy named Vadim hiding under his duvet as Putin walked into the room in a white coat. According to the article: ‘When his mother threatened to take away the boy’s phone for two days and pulled his duvet away, Vadim immediately pulled it back up. ‘He is just being shy,’ said the mother, before her son replied: ‘I am not shy!’

        Not a good PR moment for the old tyrant.

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